Brand Makeover For 2015


Branding showcases your product and it brings in the customers. It has the power to build your reputation and helps your standout from the competitors. However, not all brands can be considered compelling meaning that you can stare at it for hours and yet you do not understand the message it communicates.

It is important for SME’s to learn from the big corporations and how they get their brands the right way. If you feel that your brand is not effective, it is likely that it is need of a makeover. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated and over-thought since a simpler design may have the potential to increase demand.

When do you know when it is time for a brand makeover?

• Does the brand look outdated?
• Is it communicated effectively across all the business activities?
• Have you changed products or services recently?
• Are you still reaching your target audience?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, it is probably the right time to look into your visual identity and messaging. What are the parts of the brand that still have value and should be retained? If modifications will be made, it is important to do it gradually and not drastically because integrity to be maintained with the present logo being used and the website design. Changes can be subtle. For example, you can change the width of the font, the placement of an image or the color palette.

Modifications can be noticeable but keep it simple avoid distractions to the key messages. When considering the color palette, make sure you do not copy the competition. Keep you brand as original as possible so that it will stand out and attract customers. Make sure you choose shapes, symbols and font types that will generate a good first impression. Brand identity or logos must be used in all business activities including business cards and fleet trucks.

However, brand makeover requires the investment of money, time and efforts but if done right, it can impact on the bottom line of the business. The more effective you are at promoting the brand, the better will be the revenue.

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Significant Growth In The Ecommerce Sector Of India


India’s ecommerce market is just getting started for the holiday season while Amazon India and Flipkart have concluded their pre-holiday sales for the year. Ecommerce companies in India including the smaller players like Snapdeal expect to rake in Rs 25,000 crore during the holiday season, up from Rs 20,000 crore last 2015. However, according to India’s Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the profits of ecommerce are limited because 2 out of 3 Indians do not have internet connectivity.

In the United States where 9 out of 10 people have internet access, holiday ecommerce sales on Cyber Monday have already exceeded the sales of brick and mortar stores during Black Friday, the official start of holiday shopping in the US. If more Indian nationals can connect to the web, online sales of ecommerce stores will be more profitable.

Amazon India and Flipkart are two of the largest ecommerce sites in India. Together, they have sold more than 30 million items during the first week of October. Their websites were able to generate a combined one million page views during the festival sales. During the 5-day Great India Festival Sale, Amazon had 5 times more customers than it did during last year’s festival sales. Amazon India’s customers are not confined to big cities but smaller towns and cities. In fact, the US-based ecommerce retailer received at least 90% of a country’s pin codes, a feat that would have been impossible without the significant spread of internet connectivity.

Since online sales are becoming profitable, ecommerce retailers are offering more aside from reduced prices. A Flipkart spokesman has said that the company is offering consumer friendly initiatives like smoother returns policy, cash on delivery, card on delivery and many more to catalyze on the growth of online shopping.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are not making a comeback this holiday season; they are still the trend. Even celebrities wear the ugly sweaters because they know it is hilarious. Many people are now tapping into their creativity to add various types of décor to their uglysweaters and make it crazier than ever. The ugly sweaters are perfect for the chilly cold of the holiday season.


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Creating Content According To Your Reader’s Persona


In the world of marketing, content can be the game changer. Before an individual becomes a customer, content will provide the information about the brand. While content is an effective marketing tool, it isn’t just about writing and publishing an article or blog; content must resonate with the reader’s persona.

  • What is reader persona? It is the individual who will be interested in reading your content and can be influenced to subscribe to the newsletter to eventually become a loyal customer. The biggest mistake that a business blogger can make is to create content for everyone. When you know your reader persona, you will be able to focus content to his needs and problems.
  • When you blog about a business, make sure you tell a story. Create a compelling story that will relate to your audience. A good story will help in building a relationship and cultivating trust among readers. If content is authentic, you have a winner in your hands.
  • A blog can help a business grow faster if it is published and shared. By link building, Google will easily find out that your content is noteworthy. You can also leverage on guest blogging on top website to generate new readers.
  • If you will post content in social media, choose the platforms that your audience prefers. For example, Instagram will appeal to audiences who are below 30 years old.
  • Unless content is high quality, it can be difficult to succeed with content marketing. Anyone can create content nowadays. It is better to outsource content creation to full-time writers who are experienced and skilled in creating quality and relevant content.
  • Make sure to analyze important metrics like the number of visitors, the number of links to the blog post, the amount of social reach and referral traffic.

Not all companies and their staff have the skills to create quality and unique content that will resonate with the target audience. Your best option is crewdo that is willing to take the responsibility off your shoulders. You can sit back and relax while crewdo does the work for a fraction of traditional costs.

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Aspiring English Teachers Undergoing TEFL Iberia Program


Aspiring English teachers are learning with the best in Barcelona, Spain, thanks to TEFL Iberia. The program last for a month and it was designed to assist individuals who have the passions to teach English as a foreign language by improving their careers as well as providing actual experiences related to teaching the course.

According to the TEFL Iberia’s Director of Studies, Richard Davie, he founded the company back in 2012. He shared how he was able to manage the company on his own for quite some time because he does all the preparations of the work which are designed for the students.

Davie said that it took him a long time to get the preparations underway for the entire course. He also devoted a lot of time in making and launching the website and eventually promoting it to the public. In the long run they were able to start with small groups and then it escalated from there.

As of the moment, TEFL Iberia has 15 staff under its employment that helps in teaching the courses. The positions offered are not only limited to American citizens. Currently, the program is also hosting other member coming from various parts of the world including Scotland, Poland and Italy.

The company conducts a monthly training courses for the teachers located in Barcelona, Spain. Each course has a full workload that was made to assist aspiring teachers in learning how they can improve and further their skills when it comes to teaching English for students who treat it as their second language.

Davie shared that every morning their classes are focused on skills, methodology, grammar and othr techniques that can be employed as a teacher while in the afternoon their focus is more about teaching practice and preparation of the lessons.

Aside from the teaching courses, the teachers will also have the chance to observe how lesson plans are made and they can give feedback regarding one another to help them improve in the course. Each teacher meets with a job preparation advisor which will help them and give them advice in finding a career after the program is over. If you are in Thailand, there are many options when it comes to programs offering TEFL course.

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Impressive Sales For Motorcycle Accessories Due To Increased Demand


Global economy has improved and this has resulted into a substantial increase in the purchasing power of consumers. Different industries have certainly benefited from increased demand particularly in the automotive industry. A subset of the automotive industry is the motorcycle sector where sales have always been impressive. The automotive industry is subjected to different sales trends but the motorcycle sector has higher potential for sales.

The growth of the motorcycle market has also impacted on products that are associated with the industry like motorcycle components and accessories. Different types of motorcycle accessories are used by motorcycle owners to enhance the aesthetics of the two-wheel vehicle and to ensure better performance, safety and security. The global market for motorcycle accessories is expected to register a CAGR that is higher than 5% in 2020 with a little decline until 2026.

Variations in CAGR will be due to new products that will be launched by suppliers of established motorcycle accessories and the cyclicity of the product launched by local and regional players in different geographies. The demand for motorcycle accessories will be influenced by the expansion of European and American motorcycle manufacturers in emerging markets.

Motorcycles have also become quite popular among the youth because of the development of cost effective combustible engines. This is expected to boost the overall sales of motorcycle parts and accessories all over the world particularly in developing countries. A promising future is predicted for motorcycle accessories because manufacturers are now focusing their attention to technology and product development.

A big challenge to the growth of motorcycle accessories market is consumer preference for aftermarket instead of original equipment market. The aftermarket offers motorcycle accessories that are more affordable without compromising performance and quality.

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the market for motorcycle accessories because of the substantial increase in consumer spending. While North America and Europe will create substantial demand other regions like Latin America, the Middle East and Africa will grow at a subdued rate because of lower consumer spending. Overall expectations for the global market of motorcycle accessories include a healthy CAGR because of the wider adoption of motorcycle accessories across different customer bases.


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Tree Loppers Scam Affected Maroondah


There have been reports of an unwanted group posing as tree loppers that uses intimidation in order to get unsuspecting victims to avail their services. These victims are from Maroondah and the act is done so they could rip money from these residents.

In one of the latest incidents, there was a couple from Croydon that has been approached by two men who looked to be from Pacific Island and they are offering tree services such as cutting down trees.

The couple had already accepted the quote given to them when out of nowhere around 15 to 18 family members of the tree loppers came to their residence. The age range of the family members varies from children and even the elderly people.

They all started to make demands from the couple such as drinks and using the bathroom. The group was bold enough to place a picnic run in the couple’s front lawn and they were busy chatting with one another.

The moment that they were told to leave the property, the two people in charge of the lopping services immediately changed their demeanor and they demanded for a higher payment compared to the one they have already agreed on.

The homeowner, who wishes to hide their identity, gave them a cheque and that was when they left the premises.

The lady is now giving warning to other residents to beware of the bizarre scam that they have come across.

She also added that they were trying out the boundaries of what they can do and all of them are very intimidating. It was a strange encounter for her. Now they are more cautious and they want to warn people about the bad experience they have so other will not be a victim in case they target a pensioner or someone in a similar situation.

Sergeant Craig MacGregor of the Ringwood police department told the residents to report the encounter as soon as possible if they see these men.

He also revealed that there is already an ongoing investigation regarding these scams and they have already encountered similar incidents with the residents of Maroondah before. They best advice they could give, if there are hawkers approaching, is to seek some advice before dealing with them and contact the police if you feel anything off. If you are in Perth, it is important to deal only with legal and registered tree loppers in the area.

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