HCG supplement is proven to be safe and effective method to attain weight loss. It is proven to be safe since it is made from natural ingredients coming from human beings, specifically pregnant women. Because of this, you can be sure that it is safe, natural and effective. What could cause its failure is poor administration, inconsistent taking of drops, cheating and poor quality of HCG product. However, when taken properly and consistently, you’d be surprised at how effective the product is. Despite its efficacy, there are still some reported side effects of using the product but these are just minor and temporary side effects. Some are even rare in occurrence. Nevertheless, here are some reported side effects of hormone supplements.


Headaches are common side effects among dieters especially during the first week. This is the body’s way of adjusting to the hormones that you started taking. To address this issue, take the recommended 2 quarts of water every day or even more. You can also take regular painkillers to drive the headache away. If your headache persists to more than 10 days, see your doctor right away.

Slow bowel movement

When taking an HCG diet, your food intake would naturally be cut down. As a result, you would have less to excrete. Some people on HCG supplement diet can experience up to 3 to 4 days intervals before their next bowel movement. Drink plenty of water to help speed up your bowel movement or take laxatives. Make sure that the laxative is sugar-free.

Leg and muscle cramps

An HCG diet requires you to cut down on starchy food groups that are rich in potassium such as potatoes. Because of this, dieters can experience muscle cramps in the lower legs and other parts of the body. To combat low levels of potassium, take potassium supplement or multivitamins to compensate the lack of vitamins from the food you eat.


When taking HCG supplement, your body will burn fat rapidly. During the process, toxins are released by your body resulting to build ups and ultimately, rashes. Drink plenty of water to release toxins.

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