Month: April 2015

Leeds Flagship Development Assigned To Knight Frank

Knight Franks’ Leeds office is assigned to market the flagship development in Leeds. The current office being developed, No 1 Whitehall Riverside, is 130,000 square feet and to be tackled by the known property consultant globally.

After it was announced that Knight Frank will be handling the No 1 Whitehall Riverside, the owners NFU Mutual were quick to provide £150,000 for the renovation. The 8,160 square feet were let to the Handelsbanken, a Swedish bank, to an impressive £26 per square feet.

Knight Frank’s partner, Eamon Fox which specializes in office agency, talked about how the appointment was an honor to the property consultant group because they are able to market what is considered as the finest building within the city. The building’s reputation is only cemented by the fact that they were able to rent it in an impressive £26 per square feet, currently the highest in Leeds.

After the letting to the Swedish bank, the office space left is around 26,000 square feet and all of that high quality space are available for lease. The legal terms of the entire firth floor, a total of 17,159 square feet, are currently on the works and occupants will be revealed to the public thereafter. This year along, the office letting is considered as the largest when it comes to category Grade A.

Fox also shared that he was associated with the structure for a longtime because of his previous marketing job on the said establishment but under a previous firm. The high quality is mainly because of many factors such as the occupants’ high caliber status, the huge office space and the running costs are low. He also noted how the occupants high expectations are met since there is continued activities when it comes to the establishment such as lease extensions and recent lettings including The Riverside which is a café located in the ground floor.

NFU Mutual’s David Hidderley also expressed his excitement in the partnership of Knight Frank and Eamon Fox in acting as the marketing agent of their flagship development.

Following occupiers are included: Arcadis, Grant Thornton, Mackenzie Stuart, Straight, BNY Mellon and Michael Page International.

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Do your Genes affect the Potential of being injured?

There are persons who are more susceptible to injuries than others that’s why it is suggested that they should be protected by bubble wrap so as not to end up using crutches. However, do you know that genetics play an important role in the risks of suffering from sports injuries? This is true for all athletes whether they belong to a local sports team or vying for the Olympic gold.

According to an article that was published in the journal of Sports Magazine, the amount of regular training and competition increases the susceptibility of athletes to injury. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has a rate of exposure to injury by 15.47 for every 1000 athletes. Recreational distance running has the highest incidence of injuries estimated at between 30% and 75% per person annually. At least 75% of age-group triathletes that participate in Ironman-distance races are at risk of being injured once every training session. Avoiding the risk of getting injured and staying healthy are the important factors that determine an athlete’s success.

Genetic testing has the potential to reduce sports injuries and to maximize an athlete’s performance because it could indicate the risks that an athlete faces like soft-tissue injuries and concussions. Several of the direct-to-consumer genomic tests can provide information which can be used to alter an athlete’s sports training program based on genetic results. An injury-prevention and a personalized training program can also be developed specifically for the athlete so that sports injuries can be avoided. Genetic testing has the potential to empower an athlete through information so that he can gain a competitive edge.

Genetic testing is growing at an exceptional rate and many professional sports teams have expressed interest on the most recent technology. In fact, a professional soccer team in an English Premier League has been tested for genetic loci for sports performance. Genetic testing will also be introduced by Uzbekistan for its Olympic talent identification program. In Australia, its National Rugby League players will be undergoing DNA testing so that their workouts will be tailored for sprinting and explosive power lifting. In the US, it is required for all NCAA collegiate athletes to undergo genetic tests for the presence of sickle cell trait.

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Thailand As A Retirement Haven

Thailand has made it to the top 10 list of Retirement Havens for 2015 by International Living. The only other ASEAN country on the list is Malaysia on 3rd place. In Phuket, Thailand retirees have multiple locations to settle in. They can invest in their own retirement home or rent in Phuket with Thailand Holiday Homes.

Retirement in Phuket

In Thailand, retirees can live amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangkok instead of the sandy beaches of Phuket. For retirees, accommodations are unlimited because many property developers have started to tap in the retiree market by offering smaller properties like two or three-bedroom villas that costs less than 15 million baht.

Retirees actually spend about half of the year in Phuket where the weather is sunny and warm all year round. The second half is spent in their own countries to be with family and friends. It makes sense for the retirees to rent in Phuket with Thailand Holiday Homes if they only want to avoid the winter months in their home country. For many retirees and semi-retirees, renting a property or staying only for 2 months each year is fast becoming the trend.

Thailand has many unique things it can offer to retirees that is why retirees are being encouraged to try a different location every time they come to visit. This will allow retirees to meet new friends and experience different cultures. Retirees have the advantage of flexibility and they can opt to visit Phuket or other parts of Thailand during the low season when rentals are not so high.

Thailand occupies the 10th place as a retirement haven but it should have done better than Malaysia if a few tweaks have been made. For example, non-immigrant B visa and legal work permit holders do not have their own dedicated lanes. People are huddled at the immigration counters of Phuket International Airport and the human traffic includes retirees. Frequent visitors to Phuket will appreciate a fast-track immigration process if Phuket wants to maintain its status as a top tourist destination and retirement haven. It should take a page from Kuala Lumpur with its Foreigner eGate that allows frequent visitors to go through an automated fast-track immigration process.

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Tips On Buying Vanity Units

A bathroom used to be incomplete without vanity units in its center point. For homeowners that are very picky, having the right design, style and material such as oak vanity units are important. This single piece of item inside the bathroom could really make a difference.

As far as history can tell, bathrooms have been a part of human and it always gives off the feeling of cleanliness. One of the most important rooms inside a house and it is only appropriate that fixtures and furniture inside must be chosen with consideration to every aspect.

A basic vanity unit is simply defined as a cupboard placed inside a bathroom with top as washbasin. Nowadays, the market can offer hundreds of options when it comes to vanity units depending on the preference of the homeowner, the design and style of the entire bathroom, the space of the room and the size of the vanity as well as its price. Different materials are also used in manufacturing this classic pieces and each has different qualities to offer.

There are different types of vanity units such as stone or oak top with basins made of either glass, stone or ceramic. The sizes are also available in various choices such as the single, double and the compact ones. If you want to give your bathroom a more authentic and natural look then you could choose from different oak vanity units.

There are also corner vanity units that are ideal for bathrooms with corners but not much when it comes to wall space. If space is an issue in your bathroom then it is ideal to opt for pieces that are in the compact range.

The stone top style is what suits a house that needs a modern feel and will add to that sleek look. A larger bathroom may be able to accommodate single size of stone stop as well as a separate basin. This could be a great place to put accessible items.

The double size is ideal for much bigger bathrooms especially for those used by couples in order to have their own sink and mirror.

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Using Technology For TV Advertisement Analytics

Television has become part of every household all over the world and this has triggered the burgeoning bulk of TV advertisements. TV commercials are the most popular ways of promoting a brand and they are often fused into successful TV shows like Real Housewives. However, when TV channels host a particular commercial, they cannot provide reliable information on how it is able to communicate with TV viewers. For information on Real Housewives, visit but for more news regarding TV commercials, read on.

There is no doubt that TV commercials are the most effective forms of advertisement with high ROI. A survey has found out that between 2011 and 2014 an investment of £1 in TV ads will have an average ROI of £1.79. The growing profitability of TV advertising is the reason why a lot of commercials are fused with entertainment.

On the other hand, the analytics for the TV campaigns are highly unreliable because TV channels do not provide individual information on ad campaigns. Brands are therefore unsure about the true potential of their TV commercials. The typical measurement used is the increase in sales, decrease in the cost of acquisition, feedback on the product and increase in the positive image of the brand.

Digital companies when they run campaigns make use of multiple analytics to measure the effects of a digital campaign. With cross-device analytics and mapping technology, companies can now determine the impact of the TV ads by associating TV with the other digital devices of the user. Cross-device mapping technology will identify the relationship between TV and digital devices of a unique user and will attribute the impact of TV ads through the personal devices of the user. This type of analytics will be able to identify the marketing spends across digital and TV in delivering results. It can also measure how TV commercials in different channels are engaging their target audience.

This collective measurement of advertisement analytics is similar to the way it analyzes how online visitors are interacting with brands so that companies can make informed decisions on how to improve customer perception of their brand. Gathering data from desktops, mobile phones and tablets is rather common but will it successfully bring TV into the loop?

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