Month: August 2015

Iphone Attachment Makes It Possible To Conduct Eye Examinations

Examinations and testing for lasik eye surgery in Glasgow may soon be conducted wit the use of a smartphone as a startup business based in New York City Smart Vision Labs has invented a device attachment for the iPhone to examine eye patients.

The device being used by most, if not all, eye doctors today is called the autorefractor. It works by bouncing an infrared beam off the retina. The image reflected off of the person’s eye is how doctors would base and determine the need for a correction. Autorefractors normally cost around $20,000 and are usually large in size.

With the device developed by Smart Vision Labs called SVOne, eye examinations can now be conducted by attaching it to an iPhone. It uses the iPhone’s camera to determine the correction needed. Moreover, it costs a lot less than autorefractors at just $3,950 is just about the size of a pocket book. This makes it cheaper and more compact to conduct eye examinations.

Co-founder of Smart Vision Labs Marc Albanese says that this technology is possible because the iPhone’s camera is just the same in quality as the technology used in developing autorefractors several years ago. Also, the wireless capabilities of iPhones makes it possible to automatically upload exam results and notes as soon as the doctor is able to conclude his findings. This makes it more convenient for patients and doctors alike.

The SVOne uses the same type of technology used for laser eye surgery called wavefront aberrometer. It works by projecting red dots onto the retina. As the dots are reflected back, the iPhone takes photos of it while the Smart Vision app determines pattern changes that would measure the correction needed.

Other than vision correction, SVOne can also see other eye conditions like night blindness and glaring.

Albanese calls it a handheld optometrist because doctors can test patients and conduct examinations anywhere as well as handing out prescriptions. Albanese also says that they are also developing an attachment that would be able to measure the prescription of glasses making the SVone into a lensometer that would also be able to display an eye chart to the patient.

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Boiler Servicing: An Annual Necessity In Every Household

Researching boiler servicing rates from plumbing companies and boiler specialists is importance and is a necessity in every household or business. Doing so can give one vital information that may save 3 things: money, environment, and most importantly, life.

The installation of heating systems is common to every household that wants to be kept warm in their home. This being said, it’s no surprise that there is a boom in businesses that provide different kinds of repair and annual maintenance services with the help of trained engineers. While there is a long list of companies with boiler services, according to one survey, a significantly high variation in price ranges are observable in different energy industries. One’s choice is therefore a crucial decision to make.

Boiler Services in Ireland

In Ireland, the Bord Gáis Energy sold to Centrica over a year ago is said to be the most highly regarded provider with its over 30 years of experience when it comes to an array of boiler services such as installation, care, and repair. Apart from this, both safety check and power flushing are advertised in their website. Airtricity is another that is well-known in the country. In the said survey, both utility companies offer the most expensive price ranges among many others. Price range differences are reported to be observable between urban and rural areas. The released figures showing the significant difference between prices of the same services. According to the report, the Bord Gáis Energy under Centrica offered services that cost £99 – £108m, while on average, others that offered the very same services cost only £73.

It has been reported recently that the Bord Gáis sector of Centrica earned the company a profit amounting to £32.7m. Even bigger and more positive news for Centrica is the effect of the cold weather to the company, as another of its subsidiaries, British Gas, earned the company £528m just for the first half of 2015, which is interestingly even higher than the profit earned the entire 2014.

Boiler Servicing as a necessity

Experts suggest that checking out with trained engineers annually is the most ideal thing to do despite not observing any problem with boilers at work. This is mainly because of the extreme dangers defective boilers can possibly result to in the long run. The most common of which being carbon monoxide poisoning – a common consequence of some blocked pipe in the machine. There are a number of possible problems that may be encountered with boilers that only trained ones may troubleshoot; this is why correspondence with boiler servicing companies must always be part of a family’s agenda.

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Artists For The Ann Arbor Art Fair: Costly Booths But Worth It

The recently held Ann Arbor Art Fair has presented many options for their booths and included are electrical services for the tenants. The exhibit was said to be quite costly but artist claim they are all worth it.

Nicario Jimenez, an artist from Naples, has shared how he have been participating in the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair for the past 15 years and he always get enough buyers for his dioramas which are all hand crafted and unique. Because of this, his trip is always worthwhile. The tent of Jimenez has a price range minimum of $280 and a maximum of $25,000. His corner spot at the North University may cost him $750 but even a single sale can make up for the payment.

Maureen Rile, director of the fair, revealed how there are many visitors to the fair and a huge number of buyers. All participating artists are selling their own artworks and prefer it when visitors of the fair are keen on buying their works. People who are coming are not just there to gawk and admire but the buy as well.
The art fair is located along the Avenue located in the North University and extends up to the Ingalls Mall. Participating artists may get their own space by paying $650 for a 12 by 10 feet space. It also comes with a white canopy for their use. If they prefer tented space that is 20 feet then they gave to pay an additional $100. There are also available corner spaces worth $100, parking space of $75 and availing electrical services will amount to another $100. A jury fee is also charged to the artists for $35 or $4 each depending on the date of the submission of their application forms.

According to Maggie Ladd, the director of the South University fair, the charges are used to pay the permits on the street and the services acquired from the city. Many people have misconceptions that fair’s gain a lot of money after but that it not the case, explained Ladd. Because they are nonprofit organizations, the service is more to help the economy of the state as well as the city.

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The Bidding War Over Self-Storage Warehouses

The growing demand for business storage Bristol can be attributed to several trends. A strong economy has created a demand for self-storage by commercial users. The unprecedented growth of online shopping has encouraged many entrepreneurs to open online retail stores and business storage Bristol is their best option for storing inventory. Aside from commercial needs, a robust economy means more people are moving and they need self-storage facilities for their stuff.

In the real estate sector a bidding war is breaking out and the targets are not luxury properties or waterfront land but something that cannot be considered fashionable – self storage warehouses. Recently, a 97,000 square foot self-storage facility in Orlando Florida was sold for $11.8 million to Westport Properties, Inc. after a bidding battle among 18 potential buyers including several real estate investment trusts. This is a perfect example on how hot self-storage market has become.

Tight supply has obviously led to increased occupancy at many self-storage facilities and this has fueled higher rents. Stable returns have also gained the attention of investors. Self-storage can be considered as an exceptionally good investment because in the next two years, there will be need for another 3,000 facilities to keep up with the shortfall.

Because of the high demand for self-storage, there is a perception among investors that the industry is recession-resistant. The demand for self-storage has consistently been strong in both good and bad economic times. According to the National Association of Real Investment Trusts, during the height of the recession and financial crisis in 2008 the self-storage REITs delivered a 5.1% total return comprised of price appreciation and dividends.

In recent years, self-storage REITs has outperformed the stock market. It has the unique ability to grow rents and returns making it a safe investment. There is so much shortage in the self-storage industry and oversaturation is not an issue. However, investors are bidding for higher prices while some as building instead of buying. Drew Hoeven who is the president of the real estate group that acquired the Vista facility in Orlando said that his company has been acquiring and developing individual properties across the US since 1985 and they now own and operate 85 self-storage facilities.

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Starting A Passenger Transport Company

Link Airport can provide you with all of your transportation needs. Since parking and traffic can be very stressful especially when you are about to attend a major event, you need to call the services of a transfer or transport company so that you can arrive on time and in style in your appointment.

If you are thinking to start your own transportation group, here are some steps to help you get started.

First Step: Prepare a plan for your passenger transport business. You should set clear objectives and goals for your target profits. You need to have a complete copy of the fares in the area and what your anticipated market locations are. It is also recommended to itemize your expenses like insurance, vehicles, labor, maintenance and fuel.

Second Step: Look for a financing establishment that will lend you the necessary capital outlay that you need. The information that you have gathered during the planning stage should be a part of the presentation that you will be doing to different lending institutions.

Step Three: Depending on the business plan that you have, you need now to hire employees. Ensure that your drivers have valid licenses.

Step Four: Register your company to the regulating authorities in your area. Get your business permit as well as your company’s identification numbers so that you can pay your taxes accordingly. At this point, you need to ask the advice of accountants for any other fees that you might be missing out.

Step Five: Purchase your transport vehicles and modify them when deemed necessary.

Step Six: Set up your storage garage as well as your business office. Acquire the necessary equipments like telephones, computers and other office equipments to get your business going. You also need to consider how much you will be giving as load allowances to your drivers so that you can communicate with them.

Step Seven: Submit the necessary requirements and apply for a business license in the place where you will be operating your business. In some countries, you need to acquire a taxicab license. Pay the required fees when getting your business license.

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