Month: October 2015

Christmas Bonuses in Ireland Will Be Restored By 75 Percent

Christmas is fast approaching and people look forward to this time of the year where merriment is experienced everywhere. Employees are likewise looking forward to their Christmas bonuses.

There is certainly good news for Irish employees as the Christmas bonus which was abolished in 2009 is set to be restored by 75 percent this year. This news means that a single pensioner will receive 173 euro and a pensioner couple will get their share of 327 euro. Accordingly the price of a packet of cigarette is set to increase by 50 cent. The Minister of Finance for Ireland, Michael Noonan, had 750 million euro which will correspondingly increase to 800 euro because of the increase perpetuated on cigarettes.

Out of the amount, 600 euro will go to the changes in the Universal Social Charge and will be given as tax credits for those who are self-employed. This amount is set to rise over three years. On the other hand, the fuel allowance payment will also increase by 2.5o euro per week starting January. The Respite Care Giant will also be fully restored. Another 120 million euro is allocated for housing. Free preschool for children with the age of three will be given to parents and they can also avail of a two week paid paternity leave. Indeed, the community for childcare subvention has increased. When it comes to Universal Social Charge, the changes to three from four rates have been leaked well. The 7 percent rate has been cut by 1.5 percent while the 1.5 and 3.5 percent rates were cut by .5 percent.

Meanwhile the threshold where people pay the USC currently stands at about 12,000 euro which is expected to rise to 13,000 euro and will take some 90,000 people out of the tax picture. There will also be changes to the inheritance tax thresholds. Currently, children can inherit up to 225,000 euro from their parents and this is free of tax while the remaining balance will be taxed at 33 percent. Changes will also be made to the treatment of capital gains tax which will be solely geared for businesses. The threshold is deemed to rise to around 280,000 euro but will only be affecting the children as well as the family home.

Though these changes in the Irish taxation system may be affecting in an adverse manner to some residents, this will not keep the citizens from having a grand celebration of Christmas. Many are creatively thinking how to wrap their presents and some even are pushing the idea of black gift box.

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Ecommerce Solutions Through Ebay M2E Pro Extension And Like2Buy By Curalate

Magento’s M2E Pro extension that is integrated with eBay, Amazon and Rakuten platforms provide retail optimized ecommerce solutions from order management, fulfillment, customer care and marketing solutions. EBay Enterprise has continued to enable brands and retailers of different sizes to deliver continuous Omni-channel experiences across all retail touch points to attract and engage new customers, to convert browsers into loyal customers and to deliver products with speed and quality.

One of the most important features of M2E Pro extension is the ability to import eBay transactions and create Magento orders. As far as order management is concerned, the extension treats eBay originated orders as regular Magento orders.

Curalate is a leading visual commerce platform that is partnering with eBay Enterprise to give publishers the ability to drive traffic and revenue from images that that have been sourced from Instagram. The partnership with eBay will allow Curalate Like2Buy to access more than one hundred thousand publishers of eBay so that they can use imagery to better engage with their audience, to drive traffic to advertisers and to create an entirely different new commerce source.

Apu Gupta, the CEO of Curalate is excited to provide new avenues for publishers so that their content can be connected to commerce through a solution that is easy to deploy at scale and deliver results. One publisher that has been working with Like2Buy found out that not only do the 60% of visitors click on a relevant piece of content but the users are more engaged and they spend 37% more time to the site than publisher’s average mobile visitor.

Like2Buy also helps publishers in the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network to drive customers from pictures in making purchases in the most efficient way possible. Bloggers continue to communicate with images and Like2Buy will enable the publisher to make money from the photographs that contain the products. On the part of the consumer, it has never been this easy to discover and buy new products that have been curated visually by bloggers and publishers.

In order to provide more flexibility and minimize efforts for listing maintenance with automated synchronization of stock levels, pricing and product details, you can make use of product designer Magento.

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2016 Top Paint Color Trends Revealed By PPG Paints

PPG Industries, a paint and coatings business presented its 2016 Color Palette of the Year, which exhibits shades from the business’s paint products. The best paint colors for 2016 are shades of milky whites, marine blues, and aloe greens.

Dee Schlotter, the head of color marketing of the company explained that every year, customers and industry specialists choose a color that will top the color trends of the coming year. Odyssey is the chosen theme for the 2016 PPG Color Palette of the Year. The theme was inspired by consumers’ longing for voyage, novelty and innovation. The palette embodies the exciting life in a fast-paced world. The colors of Odyssey allow us to be attentive while being eager, Schlotter explained. The top colors of 2016 signify the bold move of jumping out from our comfort zone.

The color specialists of the company interpreted Odyssey palette to different paint brand names. Each brand name had chosen their best color for 2016.

Cappuccino white was chosen as the top color by Glidden Paint. It is a peaceful, subtle and creamy neutral color. The shade makes an ambiance of sensitivity and elegant design that stimulates pureness, stability, solitude and harmony. Shells and smooth stones from the sea are colored cappuccino white. It blends well with subtle pastels and faint neutrals.

For Olympic paints, blue cloud is the best color for 2016. It is a flamboyant and festive color. Blue cloud is easily seen, stylish and full of impact. The quality is striking and deep, like the sea on a very bright day. Color specialists suggest mixing the bold color with lighter colors.

Paradise Found is the choice of PPG The Voice of Color Program. It is a solemn green color which is nurturing, robust and defensive. Though the color seems to be silent, it gives a strong feeling and natural energy. It is chic, yet calming. Paradise Found is inspired by modern militia styles.

Schlotter said that the individually chosen Pro Decor colors are representative of the Odyssey palette. Evolution is inevitable in today’s culture. Traditional principles are being confronted by technology. Our balance is dependent on how we recognize and respond to the colors which greets us and shapes our reality.

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