Kurlon Enterprise is a mattress maker company that is based in Bengaluru and has recently launched their very own e-commerce website. The company website is located at Kurlon.com and it will provide new and existing customers a new method of purchasing or ordering the products from the brand.

The company is now valued at 800 crore and many of its products are already accessible through the 10,000 stores that caters different brands all over the country. Though this is not the first time the company has tried online sales as many of its products are already available in various sites such as Amazon, FabFurnish, Snapdeal, FabMart and Pepperfry starting the middle of last year.

According to the Chairman and Managing Director of Kurlon, T Sudhakar Pai, the company website is now new since it has been in operation and is live online for around 7 years but it does not act and is not catered for an e-commerce site. He also added that it is the companies aim to give something new to the customer by providing another medium wherein they will be able to view and purchase all the products anywhere they are at a price that is the same as the ones found in stores. The e-commerce site will also features bundled products at a discounted rate such as a set of mattress with pillows and sheets.

The e-commerce site was built by a team that works internally spearheaded by Vishal Aneja. The platform was built with a payment gateway through Axis Bank. The company’s e-commerce site will feature 23 different kinds of mattresses with variations in coir, foam and spring. The price range will start at 7,000 to 1.5 lakh.

The deliveries of the mattresses, for both regular and non-standard type, will be within one to two weeks. Aside from the mattresses, the site will also feature different protectors, pillows, bedsheets, cushions and bolsters. The last items to be added on the site will be home furniture.

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