McDonald’s is known in almost every part of the world that it literally expects about 69 million customers daily. According to Matt Biespiel the senior director for global marketing, customers can look forward to new packaging. McDonald’s has recently launched “striking in your face” packaging by branding agency Boxer.

The new McDonald’s packaging is simple in design but it going to function as a “mobile billboard” for the giant fast food chain. To be launched in the United States this month are updated carry-out bags, fountain beverage cups and sandwich boxes. The innovative packaging will be introduced to over 36,000 McDonald’s branches throughout 2016.

The new McDonald’s packaging includes bold typography in bright colors on the surfaces of its paper and card containers. The iconic golden arches logo of the company will remain in all forms of packaging. The new packaging look is simple, fresh and consistent with the fast food chain’s vision to be a modern and progressive burger company. The rebrand was collaboration between McDonald’s and a team of designers coming from different consultancies that included Leo Burnett, TBWA, DBB Hong Kong, Creata and Landini, For people and Boxer.

Branding agency Boxer developed the ideas at its UK office and then passed the project to its office in Chicago. According to Boxer’s chief executive officer Paul Casteldine, the new packaging represents modernization and progress. Since the new packaging is simple and dynamic, it can serve as mobile billboard.

It is no secret that McDonald’s has also suffered from tough times but its customers continue to love the brand. This means that the company can be playful with packaging design. McDonald’s is also committed to use recycled and certified sources for 100% of its fiber filled packaging because the environment is important to most of its customers.

It is not wrong to get inspiration from big brands because they are the leaders; however, to be more unique, your product can be packaged in a black gift box with the brand name strategically printed on the box lid. The black gift box will not only make the product extra special, the recipient will be very pleased and excited to see what is inside.

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