Month: August 2016

NSW Awards $2.3 Billion Contract To South Korea For Its New Train Carriages

The government of New South Wales has awarded a $2.3 billion contract to South Korea’s to build hundreds of new train carriages for its intercity fleet. The first of the 512 double-deck train carriages will be built on the assembly lines in South Korea. This will dash all hopes that assembly will be made in Wollongong, a coastal city in Australia.

In defense of the contract going to South Korea, the minister of transport Andrew Constance said that more than 200 jobs will be created for the maintenance of the carriages. The Australian partner UGL rail will be delivering the jobs to Australia as part of the consortium.

This is the biggest train contract to be awarded by the state government since the Waratah project decades ago that was awarded to Downer EDI-led consortium to build carriages in China. Downer was among the three bidding consortiums but it lost to UGL rail an Australian engineering firm that won the 15-year contract to maintain the new carriages at Kangy Angy on the central coast. UGL’s consortium partners include South Korea’s Hyundai Rotem that will be in charge of the carriage’s design, manufacture, test and commissioning.

On the other hand, for New South Wales’ labor, the decision of the state government is a crushing blow to both local manufacturing and local jobs because in places like Wollongong, youth unemployment stands at almost 17%. If the carriages will be assembled and maintained in Wollongong, at least 600 jobs will be created. However, the $2.3 billion contract is less than the government’s estimate of $2.8 billion to build and maintain the trains. The initial estimates however do not include the cost of building maintenance plant in Kangy Angy. The NSW auditor-general has warned last year that that the total of the project including the new maintenance facility can escalate to $3.9 billion.

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Merck’s Director Of Packaging Technical Operations Speak Up

Ron Yakubison is currently Merck’s Director of Packaging Technical Operations and he has decided to join the Editorial Advisory Board of PMP News at the beginning of 2016. Yakubison is involved in the packaging department of Merck for around 24 years already and is currently the head of the Packaging Technical Operations which is a global group. They are the ones in charged in providing support to all in-line human manufactured products.

He has also supported different sectors such as equipment and packaging development. Not to mention the processes he has done in terms of human health, crop protection, bulk production and products that are intended for human health. Ron also played a part in the serialization which took place in 2004 and he is a constant support to the pilot and strategy development of his company, Merck.

Yakubison talked about a few things regarding the latest trend as well as the challenges that are currently being faced by the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Since he has been working under the pharmaceutical sector for over 20 years, he has something to say regarding the evolution of the said sector. According to him, despite the fact that there has been changes in terms of the packaging platforms that are utilized over the years, the core platforms used in manufacturing packaging for bottle and blister are still the same. He added that the biggest change happened on the method of how packaging is done as well as the frequency of the company’s packaging of SKU has also increased at a considerable rate.

He also revealed the biggest challenges that the pharmaceutical sector has encountered and it is patient compliance. Packaging has helped overcome this packaging because the industry has now a common packaging that is used to obtain uniform compliance solution. Yakubison added that there are still challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and the one they are facing right now is to be able to meet the demand of the expanding business as well as the regulatory expectations that are in place to have robust packaging options. For reliable packaging solutions, contact

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