Month: September 2016

Tree Loppers Scam Affected Maroondah

There have been reports of an unwanted group posing as tree loppers that uses intimidation in order to get unsuspecting victims to avail their services. These victims are from Maroondah and the act is done so they could rip money from these residents.

In one of the latest incidents, there was a couple from Croydon that has been approached by two men who looked to be from Pacific Island and they are offering tree services such as cutting down trees.

The couple had already accepted the quote given to them when out of nowhere around 15 to 18 family members of the tree loppers came to their residence. The age range of the family members varies from children and even the elderly people.

They all started to make demands from the couple such as drinks and using the bathroom. The group was bold enough to place a picnic run in the couple’s front lawn and they were busy chatting with one another.

The moment that they were told to leave the property, the two people in charge of the lopping services immediately changed their demeanor and they demanded for a higher payment compared to the one they have already agreed on.

The homeowner, who wishes to hide their identity, gave them a cheque and that was when they left the premises.

The lady is now giving warning to other residents to beware of the bizarre scam that they have come across.

She also added that they were trying out the boundaries of what they can do and all of them are very intimidating. It was a strange encounter for her. Now they are more cautious and they want to warn people about the bad experience they have so other will not be a victim in case they target a pensioner or someone in a similar situation.

Sergeant Craig MacGregor of the Ringwood police department told the residents to report the encounter as soon as possible if they see these men.

He also revealed that there is already an ongoing investigation regarding these scams and they have already encountered similar incidents with the residents of Maroondah before. They best advice they could give, if there are hawkers approaching, is to seek some advice before dealing with them and contact the police if you feel anything off. If you are in Perth, it is important to deal only with legal and registered tree loppers in the area.

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Millions Are Aiding Google To Create A Map With The Highest Accuracy

According to a man from Los Angeles, he decided to log in and edit information that is stated in the Google Maps after encountering a disaster trip to one of the Urgent Care clinic. He decided to go to the specific location because of the operation hours stated on the map but found out that the clinic was closed upon arriving.

A woman from Tunisia, on the other hand, decided to add over 100 cafes, hotels as well as restaurants in their city in order to aid the tourism of her beloved city.

A resident from Dominican Republic who is known to be a disabilities advocate, add notes to every places in the Map that he visited and indicates of the place is accessible for people with wheelchair or not.

Google recently held a conference meeting along with other 75 people that are registered as the Local Guide of Google Maps. They each have specific reasons why they wanted to become a part in improving the Maps and Google has a lot to thank them for.

According to the lead executive of Map, Jen Fitzpatrick, it is the main aspiration of the company to be able to recreate the real world as rich and detailed as possible and make it accessible for the public. She also said that it is because of the community that they are achieving that goal to create.

It was only recently that Google decided to invite the top Guides from every parts of the globe. The trip was paid by Google in an all expense package. They are able to visit the headquarters of Google as well as share their stories. They were also given the chance to share advices to the engineers and product managers involved with Maps.

Local Guides are the ones that volunteer so they could fix, locate as well as review the Google Maps. They have the permission to update landmarks, upload photos and check to ensure that the information indicated is correct.

An accurate Google Map is important in London City as well as other forms of map such as illustrated map and interactive map.

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