Month: December 2016

Simplifying Initiatives To Encourage Homeowners To Replace Their Band G Boilers

In January 2016, the Boris Boiler scheme was introduced to reduce at least 60% of boiler emissions before 2025. The scheme promises London residents £400 cash back if they will replace the old gas appliances with new and cleaner models. According to the mayor of London, the scheme will generate at least £340 potential savings annually for homeowners not to mention the reduction an overall reduction in carbon emissions by 9,750 tonnes.

It was generally assumed that the residents of London will be ecstatic with the scheme but surprisingly, the £2.6 million fund for the scheme has not been exhausted. The year is about to end and homeowners are still struggling on whether their boilers are eligible for replacement. According to Neil Schofield, the slow take-up is more likely due to the overcomplicated criteria which states that only boilers with Band G and below will be replaced.

Not many people can identify a Band G boiler particularly since SEDBUK ratings were not yet in effect when boiler manufacturers were making Band G boilers. Since homeowners are not sure whether their boilers are Band G or not, they are missing out on the opportunity to replace their old boilers with new ones. The idea of a scheme is actually beneficial but it should serve as an example to other councils who will put up a similar incentive.

Schofield is happy that the boiler scrappage is back on agenda with a simpler process for homeowners. The administrative simplicity of the scheme is worth praising because homeowners only need to sign on a voucher on the boiler scheme’s website which would then be filled out by their chosen installer. If complications are removed and simplicity is encouraged, it would be relatively easy for homeowners to understand whether their boilers are covered by the scheme.

Cliff from Glow Flow is prepared to handle boiler installations, boiler repairs and maintenance including replacements. All work will be undertaken by a qualified boiler engineer who is registered with Gas Safety. You can expect a prompt and professional service particularly during boiler emergencies. Cliff understands that your home has to be warm and safe from carbon monoxide emissions.

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4 Benefits Of Health Retreat Thailand

There are several reasons why people go for health retreat Thailand. When urban life becomes so toxic and pollution is already getting into your nerves, the next best thing that you can do, is getaway to an exotic beach resort and get some time to focus on yourself. Some of the benefits that you can get out of getting away include the following:


When you go on a health retreat, you also get into a detoxification process. a health retreat should be holistic and comprehensive and where else can you start but by getting rid of toxins from your body. Kick of unhealthy habits such as smoking and eating fatty, “sinful” food then get plenty of rest. Do some fasting to cleanse your colon and after a few days, you will feel lighter and better.

Pamper yourself

Another benefit of health retreat Thailand is getting more time to pamper yourself. By going to a resort with health amenities like oil massage and spa, you will have no excuse not to get that relaxing massage to sooth your tensed muscles. It is also the best time to get that facial or body scrub that you have been planning to do but could not go down to doing it somehow. Find a tropical resort that has all the amenities one can ever get from a health retreat.


A health retreat is also the best way for you to unplug and get away from mobile gadgets and your laptop. When you go to a tropical island with a health resort, turn off your mobile phone and your digital music player. Turn off the movie from your laptop and enjoy nature’s awe-inspiring beauty instead. Listen to the crashing waves and the singing of birds and find out how they can be soothing.

Get revitalized

The good thing about health retreat Thailand is that you are guaranteed to get the relaxation that you and your body have longed for. With ample rest and unwinding, you will surely have more than enough energy to take the everyday battle found in the urban jungle.

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Expat Real Estate Guide – The Talked About Pattaya Condo Living And The Investment Price Range

It is not surprising to know how a lot of expatriates own their own slice of Pattaya and joyfully living there. Apart from the fact that foreign nationals can easily own a condominium legally in their name if the building is 51% Thai owned, there are a lot of options for Pattaya condo for sale, each living community having its own unique individual style.

Owning a condominium unit in Pattaya means you do not have to worry about property maintenance and most scenic ocean views can be achieved here rather than owning a house or a villa. There are many Pattaya condo for sale with 180 degrees prime ocean views. There is also high rental opportunities in Pattaya. The resort city gets five million tourists a year, so making your unit profitable by renting it out is highly possible.

Condominiums in Pattaya, Naklua and Jomtien can be availed of in less than one million baht for a studio type flat. For more well-off clients that enjoy luxury, high-end units with large balconies offering outstanding ocean and island views range up to 70 million baht. Prices vary depending on the floor size, the inclusions in the final unit delivered, and the extent of amenities included in the building. Amenities may include but are not limited to swimming pools, jacuzzis, lagoon pools, fitness centers, party rooms, gardens and security cameras. More amenities may mean higher monthly condo dues for maintenance, always ask for this detail before buying.

The greatest factor in assessing a real estate value is the location. Since the future cannot always be predicted, some areas in Pattaya have deteriorated causing property value to depreciate. This can happen inevitably not only in Pattaya but anywhere in the world, due to unexpected unfortunate circumstances. Though it rarely happens, best research on the location and asks for opinions on the future of the place. The opposite of deterioration is progress, and where a location progresses, real estate value also appreciates. The location will determine if your purchase is a loss or a win. Ask locals for future plans or developments in the area to get a more sincere opinion rather than from a real estate agent who may just tell you things you want to hear in order to secure the sale.

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