Month: January 2017

Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels In Gold Coast And Other Places Around The World

Most people nowadays consider having solar panels installed in their roofs.  However, they are hesitant to see through their plan because of factors such as equipment and installation cost. This is a valid concern seeing as the installation of the device can be overwhelming at first glance.

Solar power has become a trending issue for the past years. Business owners, economists, and even environmentalists talked and debated the advantages and disadvantages of using solar-enabled devices. However, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of environment-related issues such as global warming, solar power as a source of energy is now widely embraced by many countries in the world. In fact, governments even encourage the use of solar power by imposing schemes for the use of this equipment. A great example of these schemes is the Feed-In Tariff of the United Kingdom. Installing solar power also helps the government save more money for infrastructures and other things that may boost the economy of the country. For example, the government spends billions of dollars for the electric consumption of the whole country. Solar power can help decrease the yearly expenditure on electricity of the country.

In Australia, many companies are now offering solar power services such as designing and installing solar power devices. In Gold Coast, one of the sunnier cities in Australia, about 30% of the houses have solar panels in their roofs. Seeing as the city receives about 4.2 full hours of sun every day, it is one of the best places to install solar panels and other solar power equipment. Most companies nowadays design specific solar panel to suit your needs. They take into consideration the size and location of your house for a more effective solar panel.

Gold Coast solar panel can be a worthwhile and long-term investment. Although people are usually hesitant because of the cost of installation and other fees, having one installed in your roof can save you more money in the long run. Remember that the ultimate goal of installing solar panels and other solar power equipment is to provide you with free energy from the sun. You can also enjoy the benefit of minimal maintenance cost as well as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to your electricity consumption.

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Uber Freight Goes After Trucking Business

Uber, a technology company, launched its Uber Freight last month. Its minimalist website has a clip which was filmed from above, with an 18 wheeler that is driving on a hillside. There is a place for shippers and carriers to hand out email addresses to the company, and links that can be used by media to contact Uber. There is not too much information revealed, though.

Uber’s truck making delivery

However, there is already little information regarding the freight launch of Uber, since its autonomous truck had made a delivery last October. The cargo load was beer, and it was operated by Otto, the self driving division of Uber. The truck left from Fort Collins in Colorado then drove to Colorado Springs.

According to Otto’s co-founder Anthony Levandowski, it is similar to a train that is on software rails.

This is the vow of every self driving vehicle: sensors on the automobiles which can see things that humans cannot, as well as act prior to human reflexes kicking in, which makes road safer for all people.

In the meantime, the company still wants to have humans driving its trucks, and it regards trucking as a growing industry. The licensing requirements have kept the humans in the self driving cars of Uber. Additionally, vehicle operators which are commercially certified may still be required to manage or monitor paperwork for these self driving trucks.

Self driving vehicles

A possibility in the future is going to be humans who crew the first vehicle of a trucking convoy, with the autonomous robots following their human piloted leader. There are also tests being done similar to this by the United States Army, a robot convoy system that operates in a theater. In Nevada and Europe, there are robot trucks that convoy together.

In the immediate future, the autonomous trucks are going to require human drivers, as well as human engineers in order to design them, which are growth opportunities. When done gracefully, with careful thought too, there is a chance that it can change outdated jobs to new ones. This is going to enable more truck driving jobs and other related jobs.

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Infrastructure, Recovery Support Sector

The government of Thailand expects their tourism to be on path of growth, which is uplifted by an improved infrastructure and international economic recovery.

Thailand’s tourism numbers

As stated by Tanasak Patimapragorn, the Deputy Prime Minister who was also the chairman last January 10 of the National Tourism Policy Committee, the government already set the revenue target for tourism at THB 2.71 trillion in 2017, which is a rise of 8% from the THB 2.51 trillion last year.

Foreign visitors are expected to produce revenue of THB 1.78 trillion, which is an increase of 8.2% compared to 2016, with the domestic travellers contributing THB 934 billion, a 7% increase.

The government is focused to increasing the number of those quality visitors and producing greater spending per person, including raising the stay length from 9 days to 9.5 days.

The spending per person, on average, by the foreign visitors was at THB 5,200 in 2016, an increase from 2015’s THB 5,100.

The committee also recognized Thailand’s 2016 tourism income that had a 109% increase to THB 2.51 trillion, surpassing the target of THB 2.4 trillion.

Last year, the total foreign visitors got to 32.59 million, which produced THB 1.64 million revenue. Meanwhile, domestic travellers did 148.03 million trips, which accounted to THB 870 billion.

Plans for Thailand tourism in 2017

Gen Tanasak mentioned that the Tourism and Sports Ministry is going to collectively work with the ministries of Commerce, Interior and Culture in order to plan tourism promotions and activities.

The Commerce Ministry already vowed to move for better promotion of One Tambon One Products (OTOP) and geographical indication (GI). The Tourism Authority of Thailand is also planning tourism routes to these OTOP and GI product locations.

Gen Tanasak mentioned that the government is focused on also improving its safety measures since Thailand was ranked 132nd out of a total of 141 countries in terms of security and security according to a report.


It looks like 2017 is going to look great for Thailand and its businesses, especially the tourism and hospitality industries. Businesses in Bangkok, like a hotel near Lumpini Park, or its tourist resort towns in Phuket or Pattaya are really going to find this such a wonderful news.

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Airbnb Causes A Tax Investigation

Airbnb started about nine years ago as it was a way for its founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky to pay rent by charging the use of air beds which were spread in their San Francisco loft.

Now, the company has over two million properties that are available for rent in 191 nations and is also investigated by The Guardian newspaper due to its taxation policies.

Investigation of Airbnb by The Guardian

Before Christmas, the newspaper claimed that Airbnb’s UK rental commission earnings went through Ireland, so as to take advantage of the country’s beneficial corporation tax regime.

From the report, it was indicated that Airbnb just paid £317,000 UK tax in the eleven months up to December 2015, even though it handled hundreds of millions of pounds from international rent payments that generated commissions for the company’s Irish operations.

A UK arm of Airbnb handled £430 million on account at a single point, according to the story. However, its UK companies only paid £1.4 million tax on profits.

Airbnb denied the allegations and told The Guardian that it follows rules of every jurisdiction it operates in, as well as pays the right taxation.

Backed by tax consultants

Currently, Airbnb is backed by the Milestone International Tax Consultants, which is a team of lawyers that are based in Dublin and London giving international tax advice for private clients and corporates.

Andrew Cave, a contributor for the Forbes, interviewed Miles Dean, who is the managing partner of Milestone. Dean believes that Airbnb is singled out unfairly for an international tax issue that is not made by the company.

According to Dean, this is not about the company avoiding the UK or other EU tax, as all it is doing is getting the US tax delayed by keeping its profits through an Irish subsidiary.

He added that Airbnb is a US based company and that most of the profit generating activities are located in the US, and it will pay most of the corporate taxes there, too.

He sees the US corporate tax rate of 35% as very high and believes that the US companies should not be blamed for delaying the payment of taxes for their non-US profits through retaining them in international subsidiaries.

Summing up

The talk of taxes definitely causes a stir in the news since this is a responsibility of an individual or a business towards a country. Tax investigations are also very costly which is why individuals and businesses have an audit shield to prepare them for such instances.

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