Month: July 2017

Best Restaurants In Sukhumvit Eye Smart Tables

Let’s face it, not everyone is fond of deciding where restaurant you will eat with your special someone or family for a nice lunch or dinner experience. You see, everyone has their own taste as to what they prefer to eat at a certain restaurant. And keep in mind that restaurants worldwide have their respective ways of cooking and serving meals which might only please a certain number of customers who have been accustomed to the restaurant and its meals. Now, in choosing which of the restaurants along the street you are going to dine in, there are certain things which you must consider for you to be able to get the best value for your hard-earned money. For example, you need to determine what exactly you want to eat for either lunch or dinner. That alone will help trim down your choices. Another thing which you need to determine is your preference whether it’s a fast food or a fine dining restaurant. And of course, you also need to decide for yourself how much you are willing to spend for that belly of yours to be filled with complete satisfaction. But then again, you don’t really have to burn a big hole in your wallet just have a great lunch or dinner especially if you are in the vicinity of the famous Sukhumvit District in Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand. You see, you find that some of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit can actually offer a legitimate Thai cuisine at relatively affordable prices.

Recently, Seatris, a web-based restaurant management software company that is based in Germany, has announced that it’s about to introduce its machine learning technology that is going to be used by the best restaurants in Sukhumvit as part of the company’s plan to continuously widen the company’s reach in the Asian market. The said technology is called the smart able where customers can use the restaurant online booking features. In addition to this, the said smart table also has an automatic waitlist system. This specific technology is set to revolutionize the efficiency and overall service of restaurants not just in Thailand but in other Asian countries in the near future.

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Why Most American Young Adults Do Not Have Life Insurance

According to the results of the survey that were released last June 21, at least 1000 adults in the United States do not have insurance. It was also found that young adults are the least likely to buy insurance. More or less 65% of young adults with ages ranging from 18 to 29 have no life insurance compared to 29% of those who are 39 to 49 and 26% of those who are 50 to 64.

The most common reason of the young adults was life insurance was too expensive for them to buy. This is probably one of the reasons why several new companies that are backed up insurance giants wish to change the perception of young adults. The new insurance companies have shifted the purchasing process for insurance to fully online so that consumers can compare prices and opt for the policy that suits their budget.

According to Amy Danise, an insurance expert for NerdWallet, it is amazing why some big insurance companies cannot provide a life insurance quote immediately. If insurance websites can be accessed online consumers can compare prices and investigate various options without the pressure for a person-to-person meeting with an insurance agent.

Startups like Ladder, Haven Life and SoFi are hoping to capitalize on the fact that many consumers overestimate the cost of insurance. According to survey of 2,000 consumers by Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA), adults who were asked to estimate the cost of an average life insuranceexpected a policy to cost 3 times more expensive that it actually was.

Ladder which debuted in the early part of 2017 covers only individuals that are living in California. About 60% of the applications received are outside the normal business hours which give it a competitive advantage over traditional insurance companies that do not conduct business online.

Insurance companies must learn how to sell insurance effectively by making sure there is a website that consumers can interact with. Informative and reliable content must be created to answer the most common questions that consumers ask about insurance. There must be a clear and precise process to convert online users to leads.

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The Importance Of ITSM And ITIL In IT Sector

ITIL service capability training in Perth is now very common thus the term ITIL is often interchanged with ITSM when in fact the two are different in many ways. The ITSM or Information Technology Service Management is the framework used by businesses in order to have an existing technology within. It is the management model being implemented in an organize manner. This model is utilized to create designs, to implement them as well as ensure that quality services are being managed for the sake of the business customers. ITIL, on the other hand, it the library that contains all the process standards used within the five core publications that are used as a guide by IT services such as continual service improvement, operation, transition, strategy and design when delivering and providing support.

Both ITIL and ITSM are used in order for the organization to deliver quality services as well as manage their portfolio in the best way. In the most basic way, ITSM is the function of the organization while ITIL is the function of the process. There are a lot of differences between the two aside from the above mentioned.

ITSM is the method used by the information systems in order to perform management as well as deliver quality to the customers of the organization. Solutions for IT service management are used to deliver better call, analyze and change processes of management as well as other services that have high impact to the organization.

ITSM uses ITIL as a framework and this is used to implement processes properly. While ITIL may have been derived from the IT sector, it can be used in other sectors concerning businesses thus ITIL service capability training in Perth is given a high importance. This is used in business areas that require a high level of process orientation like facilities management. ITIL will aid in the process orientation as well as provide services for the organization that provides a higher level of services. It has a lot of benefits too such as inputs for improvements or helping existing service to be utilized for better services, motivate the system for a more processed thinking and aid in introducing common terms used.

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Frameless Glass Balustrades: An Emerging Trend

Glass has now becoming a more versatile material which can be used in every home development projects that employ modern styles which can indeed add up to the already expensiveness of the projects themselves but also provide support and safety that are required without compromising the view of the people inside the house. You see, glass can easily be customized and transformed into any given size and shape that will please the clients’ needs. In addition to this, newer kinds of glass that areused for construction and design of structures, regardless if it’s a small vacation house or a high-rising condominium building, are now sturdier and cannot easily be broken into pieces. In fact, some of the glass windows that are installed in new buildings now have the capability to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions such as strong winds that are blown by storms or, extremely hot temperature during summer season – without weakening the overall quality of the glass windows themselves. Nowadays, glass is now used as a material for balustrades that serve both as a safety feature as well as a decoration especially to luxury homes.


Due to the continuous change that the industry of both construction and interior design has been experiencing, materials that are commonly used for building and designing structures have been evolving as well and the glass is no exception. Recently, KMB brought in Q-Railing, a company that manufacturers various glass products for building and designing purposes, has been working to use revolutionary glass windows and enclosures for the developmental project, SKY Bietigheim. Among the products that KMB and Q-Railing have been introducing and intended to use for SKY Bietigheim is the frameless glass balustrades.  According to the officials of both companies, their aim was to introduce the new kind of balustrade which is expected to emerge as a popular trend among designers and architects- is the frameless glass balustrades which is going to be installed in the building’s balconies and rooftop terraces. The said type of balustrade is said to be high-transparency which is actually recommended for building of this kind and high.


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