ITIL service capability training in Perth is now very common thus the term ITIL is often interchanged with ITSM when in fact the two are different in many ways. The ITSM or Information Technology Service Management is the framework used by businesses in order to have an existing technology within. It is the management model being implemented in an organize manner. This model is utilized to create designs, to implement them as well as ensure that quality services are being managed for the sake of the business customers. ITIL, on the other hand, it the library that contains all the process standards used within the five core publications that are used as a guide by IT services such as continual service improvement, operation, transition, strategy and design when delivering and providing support.

Both ITIL and ITSM are used in order for the organization to deliver quality services as well as manage their portfolio in the best way. In the most basic way, ITSM is the function of the organization while ITIL is the function of the process. There are a lot of differences between the two aside from the above mentioned.

ITSM is the method used by the information systems in order to perform management as well as deliver quality to the customers of the organization. Solutions for IT service management are used to deliver better call, analyze and change processes of management as well as other services that have high impact to the organization.

ITSM uses ITIL as a framework and this is used to implement processes properly. While ITIL may have been derived from the IT sector, it can be used in other sectors concerning businesses thus ITIL service capability training in Perth is given a high importance. This is used in business areas that require a high level of process orientation like facilities management. ITIL will aid in the process orientation as well as provide services for the organization that provides a higher level of services. It has a lot of benefits too such as inputs for improvements or helping existing service to be utilized for better services, motivate the system for a more processed thinking and aid in introducing common terms used.

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