Guilio Saverino is an Italian wine expert who came to Thailand to bring the hot new thing when it comes to wine. Visitors staying in a business hotel in Sukhumvit might be able to drop by his business in order to try the new alcohol. It is resembles the colour of a persimmon and is known as the orange wine.

The expert in wine said that it is the new trend nowadays though orange wine has been discovered more than thousands of years past. The trend is new to people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and those avoiding consuming products with animal parts on them.

It is known that conventional wine is made with components such as fish bladders, fish oils or egg whites during the process of filtration. With orange wine, Saverino said that there are no additional components in the mixture nor are they removing anything from the wine during the process.

Saverino explained that orange wine offers the freshness that can be found in white wine while tasting the tannins that one can experience from drinking red wine. Orange wine is a popular choice for women in Thailand. He shared that about 70 per cent of his customers who order orange wine are women.

It has been more than 6,000 years ago when the process of developing orange wine was discovered. It utilizes one of the simplest methods when it comes to making wine. Eric Asimov, a food writer from the New York Times, said that the process requires the organic white grape juice to be in contact with the grape skin for a period much longer compared to other processes. This process then gives the wine a cloudy amber color which is in contrast to the conventional results when creating red and white wine wherein the clarity resembles that of a mirror.

Organic food is the latest trend nowadays thus the return of the natural wine such as orange wine. Saverino’s orange wine can be tasted by guests staying in a business hotel in Sukhumvit because About Eatery’s location is only walking distance from the MRT Sukhumvit. His business is currently the sole natural wine bar in all of Thailand.

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