Banksy is first and foremost, an anonymous graffiti artist who is based in England. Aside from being an artist, he is also a political activist and a film director so he is basically into art. However, his true identity is yet to be verified by authorities in England. Most of his works combine the dark sense of humour plus distinctive execution of stencilling technique which is considerably difficult to master even for veteran artists. Many of Banksy’s art works are found on visible surfaces such as walls and self-devised props and are 3D-inspired. Now, if you are fans of Banksy prints and art works and, you want to see his mysterious work of art, you can now do so. Banksy prints and other related art works can now be found in 16 different locations around the world.

Being one of the most widely-recognized artists of today’s generation, Banksy once replaced Paris Hilton for being the artist with the highest number of sold albums in shops worldwide. And his influence among the youth is convincingly strong because most of the youth of today, millennials to be specific, are rebellious. Below are some of the locations where you can find some of Banksy’s art works:

  • In the United Kingdom, you can find Banksy’s oldest work which is entitled, “Fragile Silence”. It shows a bunch of soldiers arriving on boats that were equipped with speakers. In the image, the words “It’s better not to rely too much on silent majorities for silence is a fragile thing. One loud noise and it’s gone” were written.
  • In the United States, specifically in San Francisco, the words “If at first you don’t success, call an airstrike,” work around the subject of someone who is wearing a gas mask. This mysterious work of art makes a strong, defining statement about the death and destruction that is happening around the world right now.
  • In Boston, again in the United States, a work of Banksy features a tired-looking man with a paintbrush. Beside him are the words “Follow your Dreams” which has a word “Cancelled” covering it in a red stamp.

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