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Ancient Wine Now Available In Bangkok

Guilio Saverino is an Italian wine expert who came to Thailand to bring the hot new thing when it comes to wine. Visitors staying in a business hotel in Sukhumvit might be able to drop by his business in order to try the new alcohol. It is resembles the colour of a persimmon and is known as the orange wine.

The expert in wine said that it is the new trend nowadays though orange wine has been discovered more than thousands of years past. The trend is new to people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and those avoiding consuming products with animal parts on them.

It is known that conventional wine is made with components such as fish bladders, fish oils or egg whites during the process of filtration. With orange wine, Saverino said that there are no additional components in the mixture nor are they removing anything from the wine during the process.

Saverino explained that orange wine offers the freshness that can be found in white wine while tasting the tannins that one can experience from drinking red wine. Orange wine is a popular choice for women in Thailand. He shared that about 70 per cent of his customers who order orange wine are women.

It has been more than 6,000 years ago when the process of developing orange wine was discovered. It utilizes one of the simplest methods when it comes to making wine. Eric Asimov, a food writer from the New York Times, said that the process requires the organic white grape juice to be in contact with the grape skin for a period much longer compared to other processes. This process then gives the wine a cloudy amber color which is in contrast to the conventional results when creating red and white wine wherein the clarity resembles that of a mirror.

Organic food is the latest trend nowadays thus the return of the natural wine such as orange wine. Saverino’s orange wine can be tasted by guests staying in a business hotel in Sukhumvit because About Eatery’s location is only walking distance from the MRT Sukhumvit. His business is currently the sole natural wine bar in all of Thailand.

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Turning McDonald’s Packaging Into Mobile Billboards

McDonald’s is known in almost every part of the world that it literally expects about 69 million customers daily. According to Matt Biespiel the senior director for global marketing, customers can look forward to new packaging. McDonald’s has recently launched “striking in your face” packaging by branding agency Boxer.

The new McDonald’s packaging is simple in design but it going to function as a “mobile billboard” for the giant fast food chain. To be launched in the United States this month are updated carry-out bags, fountain beverage cups and sandwich boxes. The innovative packaging will be introduced to over 36,000 McDonald’s branches throughout 2016.

The new McDonald’s packaging includes bold typography in bright colors on the surfaces of its paper and card containers. The iconic golden arches logo of the company will remain in all forms of packaging. The new packaging look is simple, fresh and consistent with the fast food chain’s vision to be a modern and progressive burger company. The rebrand was collaboration between McDonald’s and a team of designers coming from different consultancies that included Leo Burnett, TBWA, DBB Hong Kong, Creata and Landini, For people and Boxer.

Branding agency Boxer developed the ideas at its UK office and then passed the project to its office in Chicago. According to Boxer’s chief executive officer Paul Casteldine, the new packaging represents modernization and progress. Since the new packaging is simple and dynamic, it can serve as mobile billboard.

It is no secret that McDonald’s has also suffered from tough times but its customers continue to love the brand. This means that the company can be playful with packaging design. McDonald’s is also committed to use recycled and certified sources for 100% of its fiber filled packaging because the environment is important to most of its customers.

It is not wrong to get inspiration from big brands because they are the leaders; however, to be more unique, your product can be packaged in a black gift box with the brand name strategically printed on the box lid. The black gift box will not only make the product extra special, the recipient will be very pleased and excited to see what is inside.

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2016 Top Paint Color Trends Revealed By PPG Paints

PPG Industries, a paint and coatings business presented its 2016 Color Palette of the Year, which exhibits shades from the business’s paint products. The best paint colors for 2016 are shades of milky whites, marine blues, and aloe greens.

Dee Schlotter, the head of color marketing of the company explained that every year, customers and industry specialists choose a color that will top the color trends of the coming year. Odyssey is the chosen theme for the 2016 PPG Color Palette of the Year. The theme was inspired by consumers’ longing for voyage, novelty and innovation. The palette embodies the exciting life in a fast-paced world. The colors of Odyssey allow us to be attentive while being eager, Schlotter explained. The top colors of 2016 signify the bold move of jumping out from our comfort zone.

The color specialists of the company interpreted Odyssey palette to different paint brand names. Each brand name had chosen their best color for 2016.

Cappuccino white was chosen as the top color by Glidden Paint. It is a peaceful, subtle and creamy neutral color. The shade makes an ambiance of sensitivity and elegant design that stimulates pureness, stability, solitude and harmony. Shells and smooth stones from the sea are colored cappuccino white. It blends well with subtle pastels and faint neutrals.

For Olympic paints, blue cloud is the best color for 2016. It is a flamboyant and festive color. Blue cloud is easily seen, stylish and full of impact. The quality is striking and deep, like the sea on a very bright day. Color specialists suggest mixing the bold color with lighter colors.

Paradise Found is the choice of PPG The Voice of Color Program. It is a solemn green color which is nurturing, robust and defensive. Though the color seems to be silent, it gives a strong feeling and natural energy. It is chic, yet calming. Paradise Found is inspired by modern militia styles.

Schlotter said that the individually chosen Pro Decor colors are representative of the Odyssey palette. Evolution is inevitable in today’s culture. Traditional principles are being confronted by technology. Our balance is dependent on how we recognize and respond to the colors which greets us and shapes our reality.

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Brand Makeover For 2015

Branding showcases your product and it brings in the customers. It has the power to build your reputation and helps your standout from the competitors. However, not all brands can be considered compelling meaning that you can stare at it for hours and yet you do not understand the message it communicates.

It is important for SME’s to learn from the big corporations and how they get their brands the right way. If you feel that your brand is not effective, it is likely that it is need of a makeover. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated and over-thought since a simpler design may have the potential to increase demand.

When do you know when it is time for a brand makeover?

• Does the brand look outdated?
• Is it communicated effectively across all the business activities?
• Have you changed products or services recently?
• Are you still reaching your target audience?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, it is probably the right time to look into your visual identity and messaging. What are the parts of the brand that still have value and should be retained? If modifications will be made, it is important to do it gradually and not drastically because integrity to be maintained with the present logo being used and the website design. Changes can be subtle. For example, you can change the width of the font, the placement of an image or the color palette.

Modifications can be noticeable but keep it simple avoid distractions to the key messages. When considering the color palette, make sure you do not copy the competition. Keep you brand as original as possible so that it will stand out and attract customers. Make sure you choose shapes, symbols and font types that will generate a good first impression. Brand identity or logos must be used in all business activities including business cards and fleet trucks.

However, brand makeover requires the investment of money, time and efforts but if done right, it can impact on the bottom line of the business. The more effective you are at promoting the brand, the better will be the revenue.

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An Advice To Shoppers During Holiday Seasons

As a shopper, you are frequently bombarded with enticing advertisements from different establishments and business owners. Whether that is in the internet or on your street, you always see these luring ads especially when the holiday season comes. Some items may be strange to buy like ugly Christmas sweaters but these have become staple goods in the American society. If you visit, you will find strange sets of sweaters that people dig in. So this holiday season, you need to be extra careful on your spending so that you will avoid the dreaded holiday debt hangover.

Here are some suggested ways to avoid a holiday debt hangover this season.

• You need to calculate your budget for your holiday shopping. Save months in advance for your shopping spree. You must have a list of people that you will be giving gifts to and set a budget for each person. There is an online shopping application that can help you. With the budget in mind and in writing, you need to set aside the money and never use it except of course for emergency reasons.

• In order to avoid debt pileups, pay your bills early. Do not procrastinate in paying. Once you have the money, pay your credit card company. Perhaps one of your biggest challenges is to reconcile your bank account balance with your current bills. A solution to this is to keep a tight budget.

• If you have a pending holiday debt last year, pay it early this year. There are gifts that you may not want or need. You can get rid of these stuffs instead of keeping them in a corner and having them gather dust. If you have the receipts, try to return the gifts first. There is an app that you can use. You can scan the receipt into the application and then make that return.

• One of the ways to avoid holiday hangover is to find the cheapest fly. Before the holiday season hits, you need to map out your destinations and check online for cheap flights. Make sure that you always find ways to lower your expenses in the holiday rush.

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