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Bangkok Welcomes Bike-Sharing From Singaporean Startup

For tourists that are staying at comfort hotel in Sukhumvit, they might find it easier to go around the area using bicycles rather than commuting all the time. This is one of the reasons why a start-up company from Singapore decided to launch the o Bike. It is a bike sharing service with no stations. It was introduced in Bangkok last month and their major reason for doing so is to lessen the traffic congestion that is currently plaguing the city due to the large number of locals and tourists that go about their business every day.

It is now obvious when you do around the stations of the skytrain in Bangkok that the orange bicycles are starting to grow in number. This is something new since Bangkok used to have very few bicycles on the road.

The orange bicycles that you might see are different from the regular bikes that can be found in the city. These are operating under a bike sharing scheme that originated in China. The good news is that it can be picked up at any location and left whenever it is not needed anymore.

The operation of the orange bicycles is all dependent on a mobile application. As soon as riders want to use a bike, all they have to do are unlock it by scanning the QR code located in the frame of the bicycle. When they are done, they can leave the bike anywhere by locking it again through scanning.

The payment is deducted from the rider’s credit card. For first time users of the bike sharing scheme, an initial, one-time deposit must be paid worth 899 baht. The service fee for every use is around 10 baht for every 15 minutes. These fees are not fixed and are subject to change in the future.

oBike said that they have already placed a number of bicycles near Sukhumvit Road where comfort hotel in Sukhumvit is located. This is necessary because of the traffic congestion in the area. They have also placed bikes in other congested locations such as Lumpini Park and Chulalongkorn University.

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Hotels Rising In Bangkok

In every travel that one has gone on whether it is for personal leisure or a business venture, it is with good reason that one of the things that people look for is the comfort that a good hotel and accommodation can bring during the travel and the journey. This is because for the short while that people are travelling, the hotels that they choose to stay at is the home away from home.

Asia is a growing economy. Business travellers, tourists, backpackers choose to visit Asia nowadays. One of the most popular destinations across Asia is Thailand. Most people would go to the centre of Bangkok Thailand first before going to other places and areas in Thailand, even in exclusive areas in the centre, thus it is essential that one find a good lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit.

There are many growing choices of hotels in and around Bangkok. There are more choices now given the new hotels rising in Bangkok such as the following:

  • Avani Riverside Bangkok opened last September 2016 by Minor Hotels. This hotel rises 26 stories and this was formerly the Marriott Hotel.
  • Park Hyatt Bangkok is also to open this summer just around the corner where the Grand Hyatt Erawan on Ploenchit Road stands. The Park Hyatt Bangkok Hotel is also part of the Central Embassy development.
  • Hyatt Regency Bangkok has plans to build in the Sukhumvit area too. There are two additional plans and properties that will be developed, originally set to open this year but it would seem that it would take a little bit longer.
  • The Bangkok Edition will make 2017 a big year for the Edition hotels. The Edition hotels will be doubling its number of properties from four to eight. The first of the additional hotels will be the Bangkok Edition.
  • Waldorf Astoria Bangkok will also be a good addition to the hotels in line for opening this year or maybe the next.

There are a lot more of hotels rising in Bangkok. In all areas, Thailand is getting ready to greet and meet more people. More lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit are rising, more places to call home for the time that one is in the midst of travel.

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Conman Posing As Removalist Was Caught

Christopher Wayne Stanley Boyce has claimed himself to be a national removalist and have reassurance to possible clients that whenever they sign up with his relocation package that they will be receiving what he termed as gold service that is all-inclusive.

His company is called Bustamove Removals and he marketed it as a leading name in the industry that is willing to make clients’ move as convenient as possible. Their package will include everything such as blankets, bubble wraps, fully equipped trucks as well as an insurance coverage.

It was only recently that the Parramatta Local Court caught Boyce because the magistrate has awarded him with a conviction after scamming many of his clients. In every case, he is accused of taking the client’s money and there are even cases where he took their belongings and after which he is never seen again. The court ordered him to pay a fine over $107,000 which also includes costs and compensation to the victims.

Rod Stowe, the commissioner of the NSW Fair Trading was happy with the result and he condemned what Boyce did and called it outrageous since it is not a behavior expected from furniture removalists in Sydney. He is warning consumers to not fall into similar situations in the future by doing a simple background check on the company. Even a simple online search could help them know more about rogue removalist companies.

Before he was prosecuted, Boyce had already been revealed by Fair Trading as a serious offender and they have already posted two different warnings to the general public about his scheme of accepting payments as a removalist but never providing the services he promised.

Once he got wind of the alerts, he decided to not use Bustamove because it is the registered name of his company and rather settled with Interstate Relocation Specialists which is an unregistered name.

This is a warning to consumers that they should only transact with legal and reputable furniture removalists in Sydney to avoid being the next victim.

About 10 of his previous clients joined NSW Fair Trading to prosecute Boyce and he is now convicted with 16 different offences under the Australian Consumer Law.

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Advantages Of Overnight Courier Service

There are times that you would need more than a standard service in sending out parcels and when you do, an overnight courier service is what you should seek. There are numerous courier companies but not all of them offer express services. At this day and age when almost everything is done rapidly, a fast service delivery is what you should seek and choose. Here are some advantages of choosing next day delivery service.

Guaranteed overnight delivery

Standard courier service states that your parcels will get to your recipients within 1-2 days. But with next day delivery service, you are guaranteed that you recipient will get the package the very next day and since that is a guarantee, you can ask for an explanation or even file a complaint should there be a breach in this guarantee. Although you will pay slightly higher fees on overnight courier service compared to a standard service, no amount of money can replace peace of mind.

Efficient service to your customers

Whether you are sending parcels to your own customers or sending files and documents to your office, a next day delivery service will promote efficient service delivery on your end. When you send the items ordered by your customers within the next day, they will be encouraged to do repeat business with you and you will have a better reputation in the industry and you know so well that in any business, reputation is an important factor to keep your brand afloat. Find a courier company with positive reviews and one that is trusted by most customers. Remember that you are putting your business in the hands of the courier company so choose the right one.

Peace of mind and convenience

When you entrust the delivery of your parcels to a company that offers overnight courier service, you get that peace of mind that your recipients or customers will be happy with you. Pick a courier company that collects parcels to be delivered from your address so you won’t have to drive down to their office to have the parcel processed.

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Uber Freight Goes After Trucking Business

Uber, a technology company, launched its Uber Freight last month. Its minimalist website has a clip which was filmed from above, with an 18 wheeler that is driving on a hillside. There is a place for shippers and carriers to hand out email addresses to the company, and links that can be used by media to contact Uber. There is not too much information revealed, though.

Uber’s truck making delivery

However, there is already little information regarding the freight launch of Uber, since its autonomous truck had made a delivery last October. The cargo load was beer, and it was operated by Otto, the self driving division of Uber. The truck left from Fort Collins in Colorado then drove to Colorado Springs.

According to Otto’s co-founder Anthony Levandowski, it is similar to a train that is on software rails.

This is the vow of every self driving vehicle: sensors on the automobiles which can see things that humans cannot, as well as act prior to human reflexes kicking in, which makes road safer for all people.

In the meantime, the company still wants to have humans driving its trucks, and it regards trucking as a growing industry. The licensing requirements have kept the humans in the self driving cars of Uber. Additionally, vehicle operators which are commercially certified may still be required to manage or monitor paperwork for these self driving trucks.

Self driving vehicles

A possibility in the future is going to be humans who crew the first vehicle of a trucking convoy, with the autonomous robots following their human piloted leader. There are also tests being done similar to this by the United States Army, a robot convoy system that operates in a theater. In Nevada and Europe, there are robot trucks that convoy together.

In the immediate future, the autonomous trucks are going to require human drivers, as well as human engineers in order to design them, which are growth opportunities. When done gracefully, with careful thought too, there is a chance that it can change outdated jobs to new ones. This is going to enable more truck driving jobs and other related jobs.

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