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Proposal For Bathroom Summit In Port Townsend

This coming fall, the bathroom and shower building at the Port located in Port Townsend will undergo installation of access lock using electronic card. When this is done, there is no chance for the homeless people as well as the off-the-grid to be able to access the facility when they need to.The new lock installation is part of the renovation project of the port together with the remodeling of the bathroom and shower facility amounting to $58,191. It is expected that new furniture will be purchased such as an oak top vanity with two bathroom basins. The aim of the renovation and locks is to improve the service of the port to their customers.

According to Steve Tucker, the port commissioner, he wanted to make sure that those who do not have a home and the people who are off-the-grid will still be able to stay clean and answer the call of nature. In a commission meeting that was held last April 26, Tucker said that everybody is discussing about the bathrooms. They recognize the fact that it is not an isolated case as almost everyone is talking about it including the Jefferson Transit, the city, the entire county as well as local businesses that are in one way or another affected by the issue of the bathroom.

Tucker added that they have recommended that they should organize and plan a bathroom summit in the coming days. There are many people who should discuss the issue together in order for them to share the responsibilities that comes with installing bathrooms.

One issue that they are looking at is the sign that is located near the Haines Place Park and Ride wherein it is made up of green and white. The sign reads “RESTROOMS LOCATED AT McDONALD’S AND SAFEWAY” and it is all written in capital letters. They think that the public bathroom is being linked to private businesses which are not viewed as a good thing by the businesses themselves.

There is another public bathroom in the area but it is located inside an already closed out building. They are now in the process of discussing about providing bathrooms for homeless and off-the-grid folks and maybe add something as important as an oak top vanity with two bathroom basins which is ideal for a bathroom used by many at a time.

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Conman Posing As Removalist Was Caught

Christopher Wayne Stanley Boyce has claimed himself to be a national removalist and have reassurance to possible clients that whenever they sign up with his relocation package that they will be receiving what he termed as gold service that is all-inclusive.

His company is called Bustamove Removals and he marketed it as a leading name in the industry that is willing to make clients’ move as convenient as possible. Their package will include everything such as blankets, bubble wraps, fully equipped trucks as well as an insurance coverage.

It was only recently that the Parramatta Local Court caught Boyce because the magistrate has awarded him with a conviction after scamming many of his clients. In every case, he is accused of taking the client’s money and there are even cases where he took their belongings and after which he is never seen again. The court ordered him to pay a fine over $107,000 which also includes costs and compensation to the victims.

Rod Stowe, the commissioner of the NSW Fair Trading was happy with the result and he condemned what Boyce did and called it outrageous since it is not a behavior expected from furniture removalists in Sydney. He is warning consumers to not fall into similar situations in the future by doing a simple background check on the company. Even a simple online search could help them know more about rogue removalist companies.

Before he was prosecuted, Boyce had already been revealed by Fair Trading as a serious offender and they have already posted two different warnings to the general public about his scheme of accepting payments as a removalist but never providing the services he promised.

Once he got wind of the alerts, he decided to not use Bustamove because it is the registered name of his company and rather settled with Interstate Relocation Specialists which is an unregistered name.

This is a warning to consumers that they should only transact with legal and reputable furniture removalists in Sydney to avoid being the next victim.

About 10 of his previous clients joined NSW Fair Trading to prosecute Boyce and he is now convicted with 16 different offences under the Australian Consumer Law.

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Advantages Of Overnight Courier Service

There are times that you would need more than a standard service in sending out parcels and when you do, an overnight courier service is what you should seek. There are numerous courier companies but not all of them offer express services. At this day and age when almost everything is done rapidly, a fast service delivery is what you should seek and choose. Here are some advantages of choosing next day delivery service.

Guaranteed overnight delivery

Standard courier service states that your parcels will get to your recipients within 1-2 days. But with next day delivery service, you are guaranteed that you recipient will get the package the very next day and since that is a guarantee, you can ask for an explanation or even file a complaint should there be a breach in this guarantee. Although you will pay slightly higher fees on overnight courier service compared to a standard service, no amount of money can replace peace of mind.

Efficient service to your customers

Whether you are sending parcels to your own customers or sending files and documents to your office, a next day delivery service will promote efficient service delivery on your end. When you send the items ordered by your customers within the next day, they will be encouraged to do repeat business with you and you will have a better reputation in the industry and you know so well that in any business, reputation is an important factor to keep your brand afloat. Find a courier company with positive reviews and one that is trusted by most customers. Remember that you are putting your business in the hands of the courier company so choose the right one.

Peace of mind and convenience

When you entrust the delivery of your parcels to a company that offers overnight courier service, you get that peace of mind that your recipients or customers will be happy with you. Pick a courier company that collects parcels to be delivered from your address so you won’t have to drive down to their office to have the parcel processed.

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Ecommerce Solutions Through Ebay M2E Pro Extension And Like2Buy By Curalate

Magento’s M2E Pro extension that is integrated with eBay, Amazon and Rakuten platforms provide retail optimized ecommerce solutions from order management, fulfillment, customer care and marketing solutions. EBay Enterprise has continued to enable brands and retailers of different sizes to deliver continuous Omni-channel experiences across all retail touch points to attract and engage new customers, to convert browsers into loyal customers and to deliver products with speed and quality.

One of the most important features of M2E Pro extension is the ability to import eBay transactions and create Magento orders. As far as order management is concerned, the extension treats eBay originated orders as regular Magento orders.

Curalate is a leading visual commerce platform that is partnering with eBay Enterprise to give publishers the ability to drive traffic and revenue from images that that have been sourced from Instagram. The partnership with eBay will allow Curalate Like2Buy to access more than one hundred thousand publishers of eBay so that they can use imagery to better engage with their audience, to drive traffic to advertisers and to create an entirely different new commerce source.

Apu Gupta, the CEO of Curalate is excited to provide new avenues for publishers so that their content can be connected to commerce through a solution that is easy to deploy at scale and deliver results. One publisher that has been working with Like2Buy found out that not only do the 60% of visitors click on a relevant piece of content but the users are more engaged and they spend 37% more time to the site than publisher’s average mobile visitor.

Like2Buy also helps publishers in the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network to drive customers from pictures in making purchases in the most efficient way possible. Bloggers continue to communicate with images and Like2Buy will enable the publisher to make money from the photographs that contain the products. On the part of the consumer, it has never been this easy to discover and buy new products that have been curated visually by bloggers and publishers.

In order to provide more flexibility and minimize efforts for listing maintenance with automated synchronization of stock levels, pricing and product details, you can make use of product designer Magento.

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Getting Your Business Recognized Online

Web design companies perth is in demand these days. Company owners have shifted from the traditional method of transacting and promoting their business to the more advanced way of doing things. If you are not adept with programming and computer related stuffs, you can ask the services of web designers to help you design and launch your website online. Having a website will enable your company to become more accessible to your potential customers. This is especially helpful if you are a small and medium enterprise and you want your presence to be felt by various customers across regions.

When developing your website, as a company owner, you should learn the basic techniques. You also have to be hands-on and supervise in the designing and development process so that your specific requirements will be met.

Don’t underestimate SEO

According to experts, if your website is not search engine optimized, then what is even the point of launching a website? You are basically cutting the different possible organic traffic to your website. You are secluding your website from the rest of the pack. If you allow your idea to guide you in the technology solution, that is actually a brilliant start but you would also want that your website will be compatible with leading search engines like Yahoo and Google. At a minimum, you need to factor in title tags, site maps, site description, and heading titles.

If you have ample budget, go for an SEO company or ask a consultant to make a quick audit of your website. From time to time, there has to be optimizations in your website and that you should constantly look for ways in order to improve your web’s search ranking. If you are still starting out, you have to consider purchasing sponsored link placements. This is a strategy in order to attract new users to your website.

Give your company brand a soul

There are plenty of websites launched in the online world that lack soul. These websites usually make use of abused stock imagery, static content, generic web design and some mind boggling business jargon. All of these undermine the experience of the user in the website.

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