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Aspiring English Teachers Undergoing TEFL Iberia Program

Aspiring English teachers are learning with the best in Barcelona, Spain, thanks to TEFL Iberia. The program last for a month and it was designed to assist individuals who have the passions to teach English as a foreign language by improving their careers as well as providing actual experiences related to teaching the course.

According to the TEFL Iberia’s Director of Studies, Richard Davie, he founded the company back in 2012. He shared how he was able to manage the company on his own for quite some time because he does all the preparations of the work which are designed for the students.

Davie said that it took him a long time to get the preparations underway for the entire course. He also devoted a lot of time in making and launching the website and eventually promoting it to the public. In the long run they were able to start with small groups and then it escalated from there.

As of the moment, TEFL Iberia has 15 staff under its employment that helps in teaching the courses. The positions offered are not only limited to American citizens. Currently, the program is also hosting other member coming from various parts of the world including Scotland, Poland and Italy.

The company conducts a monthly training courses for the teachers located in Barcelona, Spain. Each course has a full workload that was made to assist aspiring teachers in learning how they can improve and further their skills when it comes to teaching English for students who treat it as their second language.

Davie shared that every morning their classes are focused on skills, methodology, grammar and othr techniques that can be employed as a teacher while in the afternoon their focus is more about teaching practice and preparation of the lessons.

Aside from the teaching courses, the teachers will also have the chance to observe how lesson plans are made and they can give feedback regarding one another to help them improve in the course. Each teacher meets with a job preparation advisor which will help them and give them advice in finding a career after the program is over. If you are in Thailand, there are many options when it comes to programs offering TEFL course.

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Laundromat Becomes Tutoring Center For Kids

Learning is a vital process in a child’s life. Learning is most needed during childhood because it is a critical phase in life that is responsible of molding a person. This childhood learning process is not only limited to personality and morality issues but academic issues as well. If a child has a problem with his or her academics, do not worry. There is still time to fix that because youthfulness gives people room for improvements. That is why if your child has problems with his or her academics, you should immediately seek the help of professional tutors like Bee Academic Tutoring.

Everyone knows that tutorials are the perfect solution to enhance the minds of children and the people of Silver Spring know that too well.

Every Thursday, after getting back from school, children would often come to the Rainbow Coin Laundry at Silver Spring. No, they are not helping their parents do the laundry. These children are doing something more productive: learning.

Through the Rainbow Tutoring initiative, college business students from Washington Adventist University come to the Laundromat to help the students learn. These students tutor children in Math, spelling and many other subjects.

This initiative was inspired by the Enactus, a similar program that is conducted at every university around the globe.

Washington Adventist University’s chairwoman, Kimberly Pichot, is the one that heads the Enactus in the Takoma Park campus. Pichot said that they are searching for many innovative ways to help local businesses and in this case, the Laundromat.

Nok Kim is the owner of Rainbow Coin Laundry and he has been working alongside the college students for over a year now. The tutorial is being done at tables that are near the front of the Laundromat.

It has been 9 years since the Laundromat had first opened and business isn’t doing well especially if you have many competitors. Luckily for Kim, the tutorial program in his business has helped many children and had made their parents very grateful for what they are doing.

What better way to make business than making business while helping the community.

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