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Ideal Schedule For School Cleaning In Sydney

Even if you have janitors and utility personnel in school, there are areas that require expertise in cleaning for professional results. The buildings, pavements, walls, perimeter fence or gates, gymnasiums, gardens and playing fields are just some of the areas that require professionals to do the school cleaning in Sydney. These areas may be cleaned by janitors but without the right cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions, your school may not achieve the clean look you want it to have. So when is the right time for you to employ qualified cleaners to do the job? Here are some tips:

During weekends

If the cleaning job required will not take days to accomplish, you can have it scheduled on a weekend while most of the students are not in school. Cleaning short pavements or walkways can be accomplished within a day or two so they can be scheduled on a weekend. The services offered in school cleaning in Sydney can also include tree pruning or branch trimming and this can also be accomplished over the weekend. The good thing about including tree pruning in your required services is that it will keep your students safe especially if you have students who are in primary level as they tend to play around trees and school playgrounds.

On school break

If the job cleaning that your school needs is extensive such as removing graffiti on school walls or school perimeters, cleaning corridors and scrubbing windows, you might want to schedule it during school breaks. This way, your students will feel welcome when class resumes and their morale may even be boosted with all the positive changes they see in their school. Hire reliable school cleaners to ensure optimum results.

During holidays

Some school cleaning techniques may require using harsh ingredients which may emit strong fumes which may be hazardous to kids and students in general. To keep your staff and your students safe, it will be best to schedule school cleaning in Sydney during holidays such as Christmas break or other recognized and scheduled holidays found in the school calendar.


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Tree Loppers Scam Affected Maroondah

There have been reports of an unwanted group posing as tree loppers that uses intimidation in order to get unsuspecting victims to avail their services. These victims are from Maroondah and the act is done so they could rip money from these residents.

In one of the latest incidents, there was a couple from Croydon that has been approached by two men who looked to be from Pacific Island and they are offering tree services such as cutting down trees.

The couple had already accepted the quote given to them when out of nowhere around 15 to 18 family members of the tree loppers came to their residence. The age range of the family members varies from children and even the elderly people.

They all started to make demands from the couple such as drinks and using the bathroom. The group was bold enough to place a picnic run in the couple’s front lawn and they were busy chatting with one another.

The moment that they were told to leave the property, the two people in charge of the lopping services immediately changed their demeanor and they demanded for a higher payment compared to the one they have already agreed on.

The homeowner, who wishes to hide their identity, gave them a cheque and that was when they left the premises.

The lady is now giving warning to other residents to beware of the bizarre scam that they have come across.

She also added that they were trying out the boundaries of what they can do and all of them are very intimidating. It was a strange encounter for her. Now they are more cautious and they want to warn people about the bad experience they have so other will not be a victim in case they target a pensioner or someone in a similar situation.

Sergeant Craig MacGregor of the Ringwood police department told the residents to report the encounter as soon as possible if they see these men.

He also revealed that there is already an ongoing investigation regarding these scams and they have already encountered similar incidents with the residents of Maroondah before. They best advice they could give, if there are hawkers approaching, is to seek some advice before dealing with them and contact the police if you feel anything off. If you are in Perth, it is important to deal only with legal and registered tree loppers in the area.

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