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Proposal For Bathroom Summit In Port Townsend

This coming fall, the bathroom and shower building at the Port located in Port Townsend will undergo installation of access lock using electronic card. When this is done, there is no chance for the homeless people as well as the off-the-grid to be able to access the facility when they need to.The new lock installation is part of the renovation project of the port together with the remodeling of the bathroom and shower facility amounting to $58,191. It is expected that new furniture will be purchased such as an oak top vanity with two bathroom basins. The aim of the renovation and locks is to improve the service of the port to their customers.

According to Steve Tucker, the port commissioner, he wanted to make sure that those who do not have a home and the people who are off-the-grid will still be able to stay clean and answer the call of nature. In a commission meeting that was held last April 26, Tucker said that everybody is discussing about the bathrooms. They recognize the fact that it is not an isolated case as almost everyone is talking about it including the Jefferson Transit, the city, the entire county as well as local businesses that are in one way or another affected by the issue of the bathroom.

Tucker added that they have recommended that they should organize and plan a bathroom summit in the coming days. There are many people who should discuss the issue together in order for them to share the responsibilities that comes with installing bathrooms.

One issue that they are looking at is the sign that is located near the Haines Place Park and Ride wherein it is made up of green and white. The sign reads “RESTROOMS LOCATED AT McDONALD’S AND SAFEWAY” and it is all written in capital letters. They think that the public bathroom is being linked to private businesses which are not viewed as a good thing by the businesses themselves.

There is another public bathroom in the area but it is located inside an already closed out building. They are now in the process of discussing about providing bathrooms for homeless and off-the-grid folks and maybe add something as important as an oak top vanity with two bathroom basins which is ideal for a bathroom used by many at a time.

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Advantages Of Overnight Courier Service

There are times that you would need more than a standard service in sending out parcels and when you do, an overnight courier service is what you should seek. There are numerous courier companies but not all of them offer express services. At this day and age when almost everything is done rapidly, a fast service delivery is what you should seek and choose. Here are some advantages of choosing next day delivery service.

Guaranteed overnight delivery

Standard courier service states that your parcels will get to your recipients within 1-2 days. But with next day delivery service, you are guaranteed that you recipient will get the package the very next day and since that is a guarantee, you can ask for an explanation or even file a complaint should there be a breach in this guarantee. Although you will pay slightly higher fees on overnight courier service compared to a standard service, no amount of money can replace peace of mind.

Efficient service to your customers

Whether you are sending parcels to your own customers or sending files and documents to your office, a next day delivery service will promote efficient service delivery on your end. When you send the items ordered by your customers within the next day, they will be encouraged to do repeat business with you and you will have a better reputation in the industry and you know so well that in any business, reputation is an important factor to keep your brand afloat. Find a courier company with positive reviews and one that is trusted by most customers. Remember that you are putting your business in the hands of the courier company so choose the right one.

Peace of mind and convenience

When you entrust the delivery of your parcels to a company that offers overnight courier service, you get that peace of mind that your recipients or customers will be happy with you. Pick a courier company that collects parcels to be delivered from your address so you won’t have to drive down to their office to have the parcel processed.

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Cheap Tyre Pressure Monitors Placing More Drivers In Danger

Car makers are once again freshly accused for fitting safety systems that are failing to work on roads.

Cheap tyre pressure monitors

From an independent research done by Transport & Environment, it was found out that car manufacturers may have been doing some adjustments to indirect tyre pressure monitors in order to pass the requirements of approval tests but failing to protect car buyers during real world scenarios.

The group mentioned that these manufacturers are using cheap indirect pressure monitor alternatives instead of the direct pressure systems.

About tyre pressure monitoring systems

A tyre pressure monitoring system alerts drivers, and it prevents them from driving with low tyre pressure levels. However, many motorists do not realise the change in quality between an indirect and direct system.

Direct monitoring collects data of the tyre’s pressure. Indirect monitoring uses ABS to give out an inexact reading.

Transport & Environment’s investigation

T&E did its investigation into these systems’ effectiveness through testing a couple of vehicles that are fitted with the indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems.

A Fiat 500L and Volkswagen Golf were used, and they completed the needed standards in type approval tests.

However, when both cars were submitted by T&E to sixteen real world tests not currently included from the official measurements, there was no notification on the Volkswagen of an issue in fourteen of those scenarios. There was no notification on the Fiat of a warning on a pressure drop too.

The indirect systems did not alert drivers when there’s low tyre pressure. This indicates how these systems were only prepared to pass official tests while getting lesser sensitive as time passed.

T&E declared that the car manufacturers are optimising these cheap indirect systems to be less sensitive since detection methods can be incorrectly triggered in conditions such as temperatures and surfaces.

As a result, the group called for car makers to use only direct tyre pressure monitoring systems from after increasing manufacturing costs.


Those services for Tyres in Gold Coast or from any dealer around the world will be deemed useless when these tyre pressure systems are not providing the protection needed to keep drivers away from danger.


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Millions Are Aiding Google To Create A Map With The Highest Accuracy

According to a man from Los Angeles, he decided to log in and edit information that is stated in the Google Maps after encountering a disaster trip to one of the Urgent Care clinic. He decided to go to the specific location because of the operation hours stated on the map but found out that the clinic was closed upon arriving.

A woman from Tunisia, on the other hand, decided to add over 100 cafes, hotels as well as restaurants in their city in order to aid the tourism of her beloved city.

A resident from Dominican Republic who is known to be a disabilities advocate, add notes to every places in the Map that he visited and indicates of the place is accessible for people with wheelchair or not.

Google recently held a conference meeting along with other 75 people that are registered as the Local Guide of Google Maps. They each have specific reasons why they wanted to become a part in improving the Maps and Google has a lot to thank them for.

According to the lead executive of Map, Jen Fitzpatrick, it is the main aspiration of the company to be able to recreate the real world as rich and detailed as possible and make it accessible for the public. She also said that it is because of the community that they are achieving that goal to create.

It was only recently that Google decided to invite the top Guides from every parts of the globe. The trip was paid by Google in an all expense package. They are able to visit the headquarters of Google as well as share their stories. They were also given the chance to share advices to the engineers and product managers involved with Maps.

Local Guides are the ones that volunteer so they could fix, locate as well as review the Google Maps. They have the permission to update landmarks, upload photos and check to ensure that the information indicated is correct.

An accurate Google Map is important in London City as well as other forms of map such as illustrated map and interactive map.

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NSW Awards $2.3 Billion Contract To South Korea For Its New Train Carriages

The government of New South Wales has awarded a $2.3 billion contract to South Korea’s to build hundreds of new train carriages for its intercity fleet. The first of the 512 double-deck train carriages will be built on the assembly lines in South Korea. This will dash all hopes that assembly will be made in Wollongong, a coastal city in Australia.

In defense of the contract going to South Korea, the minister of transport Andrew Constance said that more than 200 jobs will be created for the maintenance of the carriages. The Australian partner UGL rail will be delivering the jobs to Australia as part of the consortium.

This is the biggest train contract to be awarded by the state government since the Waratah project decades ago that was awarded to Downer EDI-led consortium to build carriages in China. Downer was among the three bidding consortiums but it lost to UGL rail an Australian engineering firm that won the 15-year contract to maintain the new carriages at Kangy Angy on the central coast. UGL’s consortium partners include South Korea’s Hyundai Rotem that will be in charge of the carriage’s design, manufacture, test and commissioning.

On the other hand, for New South Wales’ labor, the decision of the state government is a crushing blow to both local manufacturing and local jobs because in places like Wollongong, youth unemployment stands at almost 17%. If the carriages will be assembled and maintained in Wollongong, at least 600 jobs will be created. However, the $2.3 billion contract is less than the government’s estimate of $2.8 billion to build and maintain the trains. The initial estimates however do not include the cost of building maintenance plant in Kangy Angy. The NSW auditor-general has warned last year that that the total of the project including the new maintenance facility can escalate to $3.9 billion.

Many people are still unaware that it very easy and simple to Book a train in Thailand. You simply choose the route from the homepage and click the “book” button before selecting the date of travel. Payment is also made online with a local or international credit card.

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