Glass has now becoming a more versatile material which can be used in every home development projects that employ modern styles which can indeed add up to the already expensiveness of the projects themselves but also provide support and safety that are required without compromising the view of the people inside the house. You see, glass can easily be customized and transformed into any given size and shape that will please the clients’ needs. In addition to this, newer kinds of glass that areused for construction and design of structures, regardless if it’s a small vacation house or a high-rising condominium building, are now sturdier and cannot easily be broken into pieces. In fact, some of the glass windows that are installed in new buildings now have the capability to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions such as strong winds that are blown by storms or, extremely hot temperature during summer season – without weakening the overall quality of the glass windows themselves. Nowadays, glass is now used as a material for balustrades that serve both as a safety feature as well as a decoration especially to luxury homes.


Due to the continuous change that the industry of both construction and interior design has been experiencing, materials that are commonly used for building and designing structures have been evolving as well and the glass is no exception. Recently, KMB brought in Q-Railing, a company that manufacturers various glass products for building and designing purposes, has been working to use revolutionary glass windows and enclosures for the developmental project, SKY Bietigheim. Among the products that KMB and Q-Railing have been introducing and intended to use for SKY Bietigheim is the frameless glass balustrades.  According to the officials of both companies, their aim was to introduce the new kind of balustrade which is expected to emerge as a popular trend among designers and architects- is the frameless glass balustrades which is going to be installed in the building’s balconies and rooftop terraces. The said type of balustrade is said to be high-transparency which is actually recommended for building of this kind and high.


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