Ancient Wine Now Available In Bangkok

Guilio Saverino is an Italian wine expert who came to Thailand to bring the hot new thing when it comes to wine. Visitors staying in a business hotel in Sukhumvit might be able to drop by his business in order to try the new alcohol. It is resembles the colour of a persimmon and is known as the orange wine.

The expert in wine said that it is the new trend nowadays though orange wine has been discovered more than thousands of years past. The trend is new to people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and those avoiding consuming products with animal parts on them.

It is known that conventional wine is made with components such as fish bladders, fish oils or egg whites during the process of filtration. With orange wine, Saverino said that there are no additional components in the mixture nor are they removing anything from the wine during the process.

Saverino explained that orange wine offers the freshness that can be found in white wine while tasting the tannins that one can experience from drinking red wine. Orange wine is a popular choice for women in Thailand. He shared that about 70 per cent of his customers who order orange wine are women.

It has been more than 6,000 years ago when the process of developing orange wine was discovered. It utilizes one of the simplest methods when it comes to making wine. Eric Asimov, a food writer from the New York Times, said that the process requires the organic white grape juice to be in contact with the grape skin for a period much longer compared to other processes. This process then gives the wine a cloudy amber color which is in contrast to the conventional results when creating red and white wine wherein the clarity resembles that of a mirror.

Organic food is the latest trend nowadays thus the return of the natural wine such as orange wine. Saverino’s orange wine can be tasted by guests staying in a business hotel in Sukhumvit because About Eatery’s location is only walking distance from the MRT Sukhumvit. His business is currently the sole natural wine bar in all of Thailand.

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3 Tips For Picking The Perfect Beachfront Pool Villa In Samui

An urban life would eventually take its toll and you would feel that compelling need to go on a break. There are numerous tropical places that you can travel to but one of the best places to go to would be an island in Thailand, the KohSamui. Think about getting a full body traditional Thai massage while nestled on a sandy beach. You can also go on a holiday in celebrationof important events or developments in your life. To realize your ideal vacation, book in a beachfront pool villa in Samui and make everything perfect. Here are some tips for an ideal island getaway.

Contemporary facilities

Before you book for an accommodation, check the facilities of the hotel and see if it is acceptable for you. You can find such information from the official website of the hotel including the different hotel accommodations such as suites,beachfront pool villa in Samuiand other accommodations of your choice. Find a villa with kitchen and ready crockery for your ready use. This way, you get to prepare the meals and save money. The hotel should offer access to internet including satellite television. If you have your kids or family with you, choose a pool villa with rooms and living area.

A Stunning beach view

People go on vacation to relax and unwind. It would be best to pick a beachfront pool villa that offers relaxing view to its guests.Aside from having your own pool inside the villa, it would also be better if you have private access to the beach when you want some healthy aqua dip. A sundeck on your villa would also be an excellent addition. Choose a room with balcony where you can relax within the quietness of the night or go on stargazing with a loved one. A sundeck is also perfect for yoga or tai chi rituals.

Affordable rates

Find a beachfront pool villa in Samui that offers pocket-friendly deals to lower your overall expenses. Send an email to the hotel to find out how you can get better deals.



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4 Reasons To Use Invoice Management Software

Invoice refers to the list of goods bought or delivered from one business or institution. It contains the summary of the amount due to be paid or the bill for the products or services. An organization can send or receive invoices and it is important to have a system or software that can perform invoice management to make cash inflow and outflow an organized and efficient process. Here are additional reasons why you should have an online system for your invoice management.

Simplifies payment process

With a functional invoice management system, you can make the entire process of payment, both from your end and on the part of your customers, a simple and faster process. Since it is online, you and your customers can place payments anytime and anywhere. This way, you save time and effort since you can accomplish more with an automated invoice management system.

Automated payment reminders

The good thing about having a system that reminds you of payment dues, is that you will no longer miss due dates which could result to penalties, surcharge and even a negative impression from your business partners. The invoice management system will notify you when to place your payments, when to make a follow up and when your payment process is already paid or completed.

Organized numbering system 

With a numbering system for your invoice, you can easily track a particular invoice and its details such as its date and status. This will enable faster tracking and speedy resolution of queries.

Effective financial management

With a functional invoicing and financial management system, you can handle financial processes effectively and with ease. It allows an organization to keep track of its financial transactions, the available finances including budget flow. It also promotes better service delivery to business partners.

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Business Advantages Of Hiring HPX Advisors

Business brokers, such as HPX Advisors, in a nutshell, function as middlemen between buyers and sellers. But there are more services a business advisor can offer and most of these services can be beneficial to you. Here are some of the professional services a business broker can deliver to you.

Business valuation

Business brokers have the expertise to determine the value of your business. Without expertise in business valuation, you will have a hard time placing a realistic value of your business and this is critical when you want to sell your business.

Business preparation and presentation

To make your business attractive to prospective buyers, you need to present the records and documents in an organized manner. Aside from that, experts from HPX Advisors can present your business in such a way that your strengths and assets would be highlighted making your business palatable to prospective buyers.

Database of potential buyers

Aside from packaging your business, these business brokers have a database of buyers and they send out alerts to their database whenever they have a new listing.

Full confidentiality

Business brokers are professional enough to understand and value confidentiality between them and their clients. This is why, you can be sure that the information about your business  being in the market will remain a secret before your partners, competitors, employees, suppliers and other significant aspects of your business.

Ability to determine serious buyers

Having a business broker helps in determining whether a buyer is a serious contender or if he is just testing the waters. Without a business broker, you may invest time convincing a potential buyer who turns out to be unqualified or not serious enough to do the actual purchase.

Serves as middlemen

The good thing about having a business broker such as those from HPX Advisors is that the transaction and negotiation between you and the seller continues even in your absence. You remain updated about what’s happening in relation to the sale of your business. With business brokers, you don’t have to meet with potential buyers unless the sale is finalized.

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Around The World With Banksy Prints: A Global Tour

Banksy is first and foremost, an anonymous graffiti artist who is based in England. Aside from being an artist, he is also a political activist and a film director so he is basically into art. However, his true identity is yet to be verified by authorities in England. Most of his works combine the dark sense of humour plus distinctive execution of stencilling technique which is considerably difficult to master even for veteran artists. Many of Banksy’s art works are found on visible surfaces such as walls and self-devised props and are 3D-inspired. Now, if you are fans of Banksy prints and art works and, you want to see his mysterious work of art, you can now do so. Banksy prints and other related art works can now be found in 16 different locations around the world.

Being one of the most widely-recognized artists of today’s generation, Banksy once replaced Paris Hilton for being the artist with the highest number of sold albums in shops worldwide. And his influence among the youth is convincingly strong because most of the youth of today, millennials to be specific, are rebellious. Below are some of the locations where you can find some of Banksy’s art works:

  • In the United Kingdom, you can find Banksy’s oldest work which is entitled, “Fragile Silence”. It shows a bunch of soldiers arriving on boats that were equipped with speakers. In the image, the words “It’s better not to rely too much on silent majorities for silence is a fragile thing. One loud noise and it’s gone” were written.
  • In the United States, specifically in San Francisco, the words “If at first you don’t success, call an airstrike,” work around the subject of someone who is wearing a gas mask. This mysterious work of art makes a strong, defining statement about the death and destruction that is happening around the world right now.
  • In Boston, again in the United States, a work of Banksy features a tired-looking man with a paintbrush. Beside him are the words “Follow your Dreams” which has a word “Cancelled” covering it in a red stamp.

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