Weber Design Group Finally Finishes Custom Home Design For the Estuary

The luxury golf course community of Grey Oaks had announced earlier that they would be adding an estate home designs in their premises and that they have hired Borelli Construction of Naples to build it. The estate home will be called The Estuary and just recently the local planning firm, Weber Design Group, had finished the custom home design for Grey Oaks’ newest addition.

The two-storey estate home will be situated in about an acre lot and it will be encompassing 13,000 sq ft under roof. Some of the features that the estate would have are a downstairs master suite and a junior master located upstairs with another two additional guest rooms. There will also be included a living and a dining room meant for formal occasions as well as a large island kitchen, a media room, an elevator, an exercise room and a garage that can fit three cars. Three half baths and five full baths are to be expected along with the estate home.

Additionally, a guest cabana will also be constructed and it will feature one more bedroom plus another full bath and will also include a kitchen, living room and a two-car garage.

At the front entrance, people will be greeted with tall double doors that will lead to a two-storey foyer. The foyer will be filled with natural lights coming from the living room as enabled by the picture windows where people can get a view of the swimming pool and the golf course.

The living room, on the other hand, will be featuring ceilings that are about 14 feet in height as well as a see-through fireplace with a shelf that is connected to a private study which has direct access to the master suite.

The master suite will encompass the entirety of the right portion of the ground floor. The bath area in the master suite is given a direct focus as it will have massive walk-in closets, storage islands and a massive baths for him or her. The master suite will also include an exercise room and a safe room.

These are only some of the features that the estate home has in the home designs made by Weber Design Group and once it is finished you can expect it to be a breathtaking sight.

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Family Grown Franchise Completes About 20,000 Jobs in 2014

March 2, 2015 – It was August 1987 when the parents of Andy and Doug Hoiland had first had their driveway seal coated. Unfortunately for the two boys, they did not like the service that was done to their driveway. It was seal coating was poorly made. There were cracks that were left unfilled, footprints were present on the sealer of the sidewalk and there were still oil spots that were seeping out.

Soon after, the boys found out that almost every paving company did their seal coating only on the sides and because of the revelation, Andy and Doug had decided to start their own paving business. Andy Hoiland along with the new company, Jet-Black coated his first driveway in Minneapolis, MN back in 1987. Jet-Black specializes in none other than seal coating, a specialty where most companies have failed to master.

Jet-Black grew rapidly over the years and this has led the paving company to start franchising their company name in the year 1993.

As of today, Jet-Black currently has 96 franchised territories in thirteen different states. All in all, the paving company primarily focuses on seal coating and it has accounted for 85% of the company’s services. The remaining 15% goes to line striping.

With 250 employees around the United States, it would come as no surprise when it is revealed that Jet-Black was able to complete about 20,000 jobs in 2014 alone.

The CFO of Jet-Black Franchise Group, Nick Kelso, said that starting a franchising system was a very difficult job and that the first franchisees were Andy Hoiland’s acquaintances. The expansion was first made in Minnesota but it quickly spread to the other states.

Jet-Black had a different approach when it comes to marketing their franchise. Instead of convincing people to go at it alone, they emphasized the advantage of franchising.

Quality is also a main focus of the company that is why they always audits and onsite inspections. They said that they have strict quality standards. All of the franchise owners are required to use advance equipment, have mastery on the applications and use only products of the highest quality.

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Starting A T-Shirt Printing Business

Turn your passion into an income generating business. One of the businesses that continuously thrive is the t-shirt printing business. You can never run out of clients in the business. Your market includes students, teenagers, movie fans, and even adults who want to wear t-shirt with cool designs.

Below are some of the reminders that you need to bear in mind in starting your very own t-shirt printing business.

You need to be passionate in t-shirt printing business
This comes first on the list since it is very important to be passionate on what you are doing so that you will get through the rough times. In the beginning it is going to be very challenging. You will face tough moments and dark nights and days. You need to pour your energy and hours into doing business works and you need to be connected with the right people.

Secure a high quality screen printer for your business
Your product should look good with great quality in order for it to sell. In order to achieve this, you need to get yourself an awesome screen printer. Finding the good printer is a challenging one. You can always ask the help of those who have been in the industry years before you. You can also seek online products. Once you are confident about the quality of the product that you are producing, you will be confident in selling the items.

Do your research and plan everything that you will be doing
Before you even do anything, you should plan and research carefully. Cover all angles. Check out your competitors and see what they are doing that made them successful and also take note of what they are doing wrong. You should have clear goals. It will be very helpful if you scribble these down.

Decide who your market is
You need to know who your target customers are and learn ways on how to connect with them. You should give importance to your customers; you will be selling to them. If you know who your target market is, reach them and provide for them their wants, you will surely be successful in your business venture.

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The Paper Industry And Business Spending

How a product is being packaged is very crucial in how a product will do in the market. Business strategists and marketers give careful thought to how their products will be presented in the market. According to research, there are a good number of shoppers who try out a product because they are attracted at how it is packaged or wrapped. Many customers are tempted to make the purchase especially if the product design appeal to their sense of sight. There are others that will even pay extra dollar in order to get that good packaging.

One of the commonly used packaging materials is the paper. The products and services of the paper industry have been in demand. The countries that dominate in this industry are the United States and Canada for North America; Finland, Russia and Sweden for Europe and China, Japan and South Korea for East Asian countries. Both Australia and Brazil are also notable contributors in the paper industry. They have giant mill pulps in the country that produce most of the world’s paper.

Industry criticisms

Though business in this industry continues to prosper, there are also challenges encountered by the leaders in the industry. They often encounter criticisms from environmental groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council. Deforestation and cutting of old growth forest are issues thrown at these industries. The industry is rapidly expanding in nations such as China, Russia and Indonesia where there are lower wages and the environmental laws are not that strict. The organization Greenpeace reported that people in Central America illegally burn down forest for soybean and cattle production and they do not even mind replacing the trees.

Business spending

Businesses are spending a lot in paper making. The Montreal based Domtar Corporation recently invested in a $160 million project. The project involves converting paper machine situated at Ashdown, Arizona in order to produce high quality pulp. These pulps will be used in baby diapers, and feminine hygiene products.

This project is expected to beef up the production of the mill to at least 500,000 tons per year by the end of the third quarter of 2016. The conversion of the machine will also lower the number of uncoated freesheet production by 300,000 tons annually.

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The Future Scenario Of Reversal In The Workplace

In most organizations all over the world, decisions are made by executives or key stockholders. Their decisions encompass everything from how work should be done, what work to do, what to wear, who to work with and where to work including technologies that will be used. The decisions are passed down the food chain to senior and mid-level managers who enforce the rules and pass them down to the employees. However, this trend is changing and organizations are forced to create working environments where employees will want to work on. Talented employees have less need for organizations but organizations need these talents.

What is the reason for this reversal?

Employees today bring with them new values, attitudes and expectations as well as ways to work in an organization. The reversal starts with the 7 principles of future employees that include:
• Flexible work environment
• Customization of work
• Sharing of information
• New ways of communication and collaboration
• Ability to become a leader
• Shifts from knowledge worker to ability worker
• Learns and teaches at will

Flexible work environment means that employees are no longer bound to an office since they can work anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. Employees have begun to shape their career paths and choose the projects they can work on. Those who share their ideas and information will be the ones who will succeed in their careers and not those who hoard what they know. For employees, there are many effective means of communication and collaboration aside from emails. Employees are now being recognized for their contributions giving them the opportunity to become future leaders. Employees also have more ability to learn and apply the learning to different scenarios. Learning and teaching can happen inside organizations without the benefit of training because the organization can tap into the collective intelligence of the employees.

However, this reversal is not yet evident in many organizations but the next few years will be very interesting as job security and long term employment will come into question by both employees and employers. Some organizations are already starting to offer flexible work and offering new “perks” to their employees.

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