Taylor & Hart Changes To Lead Generation Business Model

The custom engagement jeweler Rare Pink, following the company’s rebranding into Taylor & Hart, has decided to ditch its e-commerce elements, eschewing its e-tailer services it provides its customers in favor of a new business model, one focused on lead generation.

The change was announced by the now Taylor & Hart during the launch of its new company website. Which lacked the ecommerce platform from its Rare Pink days.

Nikolay Piriankov, the CEO of Taylor & Hart, explains the change. He states that, despite the fact that the company thrives off of its online presence, they have still decided to drop the e-commerce element of their operations, due to an issue that arose from the e-commerce platform. According to him, 5% of the people that buy from their website in the past do so without any conversation with them prior to their purchases. This meant that they were ill-informed when they purchase, resulting in poor decisions that meant that the company had to expend extra resources in helping their customers in the aftercare process.

Piriankov states that that is the reason why the e-commerce element is being left behind, and making the company focus on Lead generation, instead. The transition from e-commerce to lead generation means that consumers can now make enquiries over the phone or on the internet, but it must follow the sales process all the same. This means that the site isn’t rendered superfluous, rather that it is now the first step towards actually making a purchase.

To elaborate, Mr. Piriankov states that the new business model will allow the company to help their customers with their purchasing decisions in a way that wasn’t exactly doable with the old business model. He elaborates that the e-commerce process didn’t seem like the best method according to their data, and that they are acting based on what evidence they have.

This unique, custom, business model fits the tailor-made business approach of the company. Piriankov has stated that whilst the company is quite developed in the technological aspect of the business, he states that the company’s focus is not on the technology itself, but in how it makes the business-customer interaction better.

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Plumbers Get Paid The Most

For those looking to take up a trade in Australia, you might want to consider becoming to become an electrician in Perth or a plumber, anywhere in the country.

According to figures from the serviceseeking.com.au, a job quote website, the richest tradies, or tradesmen, in the country are not the most likely candidates such as lawyers, but plumbers, with electricians coming in a close second. Based on their data, plumbers earn $78.40/hour, whilst electricians earn $74.61/hour.

For comparison, data released by PayScale, Inc. a salary information company, revealed that the average Australian lawyer only earns $37/hour, which comes across as somewhat unrealistic, but some lawyers do, in fact work for low rates, or for pro bono.

According to the Jeremy Levitt, Chief Executive for serviceseeking.com.au, even though the income of tradies are cut down by expenses that reduce their profit from their hourly rate, they are still capable of making large profit and creating their fortune. He states that the more complex trades like plumber or electrician, the ones with complex work, requiring specific education and licensing, are more profitable in the long run.

Data shows that the average tradie, earns $60.88/hour, showing a marked increase of 3% compared to the preceding year, by around .3%. The data also shows that, with all the averages from each of the states measured, concreters operating in New South Wales earn the most out of tradies, with a charge of $88.71 an hour. Following them are Western Australian plumbers and electricians, earning $87.67/hour and 87.33$/hour, respectively.

Mr. Levitt has pointed out that, whilst the mining rush in WA has ended, tradesmen are still in demand there. He states that house builders in Sydney are very much in demand and profitable right now.

All of this demonstrates well that tradies are sought after in Australia right now, though admittedly, that electrician in Perth will probably be making more money than most.

Here is the list of best paying trades in Australia, according to serviceseeking.com.au’s data.

  • Electrician: $74.61
  • Plumbing: $78.40
  • Landscaping: $67.01
  • Concreting: $66.37
  • Building & Renovations: $66.17
  • Carpentry: $58.55
  • Plastering: $48.15
  • Flooring: $43.54
  • Tiling & Paving: $43.14
  • Painting: $42.18
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Therapy Dog Comforts The Grieving In Funeral Home

Henrietta McGary, more commonly known as Henry, was able to witness first-hand the comfort provided by the little fur ball that resides at the Ballard Funeral Home. She was there to arrange the funeral service of her mother, Grace Purvis McGary, who passed away last month. The task she was about to do was pushing down on her heart because funeral planning was not something she expected to do so soon. The dog was there when she entered the funeral home and sat down. It decided to jump and wriggle before settling on her lap.

The little fur ball is known as Dash, a therapy dog which is only a year old. He was the one meeting, greeting and comforting the grieving people who visit the funeral home. This is the most difficult point in their life for many of them.

McGary said that losing a loved one is the saddest part of a human’s life but as soon as you walk inside the Ballard’s Funeral Home, you get to meet Dash. He helps grieving individuals take their mind from what they are thinking and makes things a bit bearable. Their attention is caught by the dog and they forget momentarily the hard truth of why they were there. It is comforting because of the playful and adorable demeanour of the dog which will hug and roll over you in an instant.

Dash is a Morkie, a mix breed of Maltese and Yorkshire terrier. He was not supposed to be a comfort dog at first since his owner Cody Gortmaker and his family decided to take him in 10 months ago as a family pet.

Gortmaker is the manager of Ballard’s and also the funeral director. The puppy was 2 months old when he first took him to work. When grieving families came in, they were naturally drawn into the dog and that is when he realized that Dash is so much more than just a family dog. For a funeral director in Rockingham, it would be comforting to see that their customers feel a little bit lighter even just for a fleeting moment.

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Ideal Schedule For School Cleaning In Sydney

Even if you have janitors and utility personnel in school, there are areas that require expertise in cleaning for professional results. The buildings, pavements, walls, perimeter fence or gates, gymnasiums, gardens and playing fields are just some of the areas that require professionals to do the school cleaning in Sydney. These areas may be cleaned by janitors but without the right cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions, your school may not achieve the clean look you want it to have. So when is the right time for you to employ qualified cleaners to do the job? Here are some tips:

During weekends

If the cleaning job required will not take days to accomplish, you can have it scheduled on a weekend while most of the students are not in school. Cleaning short pavements or walkways can be accomplished within a day or two so they can be scheduled on a weekend. The services offered in school cleaning in Sydney can also include tree pruning or branch trimming and this can also be accomplished over the weekend. The good thing about including tree pruning in your required services is that it will keep your students safe especially if you have students who are in primary level as they tend to play around trees and school playgrounds.

On school break

If the job cleaning that your school needs is extensive such as removing graffiti on school walls or school perimeters, cleaning corridors and scrubbing windows, you might want to schedule it during school breaks. This way, your students will feel welcome when class resumes and their morale may even be boosted with all the positive changes they see in their school. Hire reliable school cleaners to ensure optimum results.

During holidays

Some school cleaning techniques may require using harsh ingredients which may emit strong fumes which may be hazardous to kids and students in general. To keep your staff and your students safe, it will be best to schedule school cleaning in Sydney during holidays such as Christmas break or other recognized and scheduled holidays found in the school calendar.


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How To Choose The Best Residence In Phuket

Phuket has earned a slot on most of the travelers, bag-packers and jet setters’ bucket list. As a renowned tourist spot in Asia, it has captured the attention of people across the globe because of the long stretch of white beaches along the Andaman Sea. This famous island has made a mark in the map for having a magnificent view and attractions. Phuket made sure that they will be able to provide hundreds of reasons for locals and foreign tourists to visit and never want to leave. Many establishments have been developed over the past years to supply the growing demands for a suitable place to stay and live in. Hotels, condos and resorts have mushroomed over time.

Major developers have built options for people to choose from. From the location (Karon, Patong, Kata and many others), to the different views (Mountain view, city view, sea view, etc.), amenities (elevator lift, gym, garden or courtyards and so on) and state of the art innovation and design. Many people believe that purchasing a house is the most important decision one will be making n his lifetime. Everything must be considered before doing so.

First, know the real market value of the property. Is it in accessible? Are there public commutes to reach the place? I want a seaside view, is that an option? How many rooms do I need? Are there playgrounds and recreational areas we can spend time on? Is security 24/7? Are there establishment like malls, hospital, school nearby? This are the few things we ask ourselves.

The best way for you to be assured is to ask for options. Residences and condominium developers like Riviera in Phuket made sure of that. They offer variety of designs that would suit each one’s preference. It is situated at a property in a private reserve in the forest. They even offer investment returns; you can have your unit rented out while not in the residence. Under the rental program some services and utilities re not charged to the owner such as pool cleaning and gardening, electricity and maid service. So, make sure before purchasing, take out your list and choose what the best that you deserve.

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